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3 Most Likely Candidates to Earn Western Conference Finals MVP
Robert McKenzie

3 Most Likely Candidates to Earn Western Conference Finals MVP

THUNDER BAY, SAULT STE MARIE, ONTARIO  ~~~~~~  May 24, 2022  (LSNews)   The Western Conference finals series is currently ongoing. The matchup between the Golden State Warriors and the Dallas Mavericks is a sight to see. The two teams have met in the playoffs before, but this time around, it feels different.

It's more than just a battle of two talented basketball teams. It's a battle of two completely different styles of play. The Warriors are all about ball movement and shooting. The Mavericks are all about playing tough defense and making the other team work for everything they get.

There are bound to be some standout performances in a series like this. Players who elevate their game to another level and help their team win. With that being said, here are the three most likely candidates to earn Western Conference Finals MVP.

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is one of the names considered for the Western Conference Finals MVP 2022. Accounting for 5.6 assists, 4.2 rebounds, and 26.9 points per game in the postseason, Curry is the Warriors' best player and most consistent offensive weapon.

The Warriors' point guard undoubtedly makes a massive difference in the team's success. He has a rapid release, making it difficult for defenders to block his shot. He is also very accurate, which allows him to score from long distances.

While Stephen Curry has had a bit of a slump this season, he knows how to turn it on when it counts. And we can see that from the first two games of the series against the Mavericks. In Game One, he had 21 points, and in Game Two, he had 32 points.

That 32 points contributed to the Warriors' win, giving them a two-games-to-none lead in the series. Curry is one of the best shooters in NBA history, and he has shown time and time again that he can take over a game when his team needs him most.

Curry is the big reason why the Warriors have the best NBA Championship Odds and are in the position they are in right now, and if they want to win this series, they will need him to continue playing at a high level. He is the engine that makes this team go, and they will go as far as he takes them.

Luka Doncic

Luca Doncic has been putting up some great numbers lately on the Dallas Mavericks side, accounting for 6.6 APG, 10.1 RPG, and 31.5 PPG in the postseason. He's only 23 years old and is already one of the best players in the league.

And that's one of the reasons why he's one of the contenders for the Western Conference Finals MVP. He's a tremendous player, which is very hard to find in today's NBA, and he can do it all on the court. He's an exceptional player, and many think he has a chance to be one of the best players in the league for many years to come.

Mavericks fans always get amazed watching Luka play. He knows how to get the opposing players off balance and make the right decisions. He's a true leader on the court, and his team always follows him.

But beyond that, Luka Doncic knows how to make shots. He's one of the best shooters in the league, and he can make almost any shot. So when the game is on the line, you can always count on Luka to make a big shot.

That's why he's one of the frontrunners for the Western Conference Finals MVP. He has all the tools to be a great player, and he's already shown that he can be a great player this NBA season.

Klay Thompson

Another player considered for the Western Conference Finals MVP is Klay Thompson. The Golden State Warriors player accounts for 2.0 APG, 4.5 RPG, and 20.4 PPG in the postseason.

Thompson has been a consistent player throughout the playoffs and has stepped in for the Warriors when needed. His red-hot scoring outbursts, picture-perfect jumper, and record-setting three-point prowess have all been displayed in the playoffs.

Also, Thompson's commitment to defense has been exemplary. He often takes on the opposing team's best player and has made several critical stops in the playoffs. Thompson is deserving of consideration for the Western Conference Finals MVP award. His all-around play has been a big reason why the Warriors have been victorious in the playoffs.


It's been a fantastic series so far between the Golden State Warriors and the Dallas Mavericks, with each game being decided by less than ten points. In a series like this, it's hard to choose just one MVP.

Stephen Curry has been electric for the Warriors, while Luka Doncic has been a one-person show for the Mavericks. Klay Thompson has also been excellent. All three are deserving of the award, but there can only be one winner.

It's anyone's guess who will take home the MVP award at the end of this series. All three players have been incredible, and it will be a close race. So be sure to tune in to the upcoming games to see who comes out on top.

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