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THUNDER BAY, ONTAIRO  ~~~~~~~  July 30, 2021  (LSNews)  Hardworking Thunder Bay Police Officers arrested a wanted woman yesterday morning, Thursday July 29,2021

A 27 year old ALICIA KARTINEN was arrested and criminally charged with:

  • -obstruct TBPS Officer provide false name
  • -assault TBPS Officer
  • -resist police officer
  • -possession of 27.16 grams of cocaine

Hardworking Thunder Bay Police Officers received a 911 call on June 11,2021 to 315 Simpson Street regarding a male assaulting a female. It is alleged that Michael Donio assaulted his girlfriend ALICIA KARTINEN. Officers arrived and spoke to Donio who stated that KARTINEN had left. Officers found her walking nearby and went to check her welfare. She gave TBPS Officers the name of another woman and told them she was heading to her father’s home.

TBPS Officers gave her a ride to his home, where her step mother informed TBPS that she was actually ALICIA KARTINEN and was wanted on warrants. Her stepmother advised Officers that she was not welcome at their home.

Upon being booked at Balmoral Police Station, Officers discovered a grocery bag on KARTINEN containing 27.16 grams of cocaine.

As per usual practice, the Director of Communications at TBPS is very lazy and doesn’t tell the public much. Excessive soy enemas have rendered him practically useless.

KARTINEN appeared by phone from Balmoral Police Station this morning, Friday July 30,2021 before Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Felicitas Camposano.

Provincial Crown Attorney Natasha Jerome and Federal Crown Attorney Misbah HAque both consented to the release of KARTINEN with conditions:

  • -report address to TBPS within 24 hours
  • -report any change of address to TBPS within 24 hours
  • -no drugs or paraphernalia
  • -no contact with co-accused TYLER BOILEY
  • -do not attend anywhere TYLER BOILEY is present

Her next court appearance is August 31,2021


On October 9, 2018, hardworking TBPS Officers observed a speeding stolen vehicle traveling from Arthur Street onto May Street, failing to stop at the red light.

TBPS Officers followed the vehicle that stopped in the laneway behind the Columbus Center.

It’s alleged that TYLER BOILY exited the vehicle brandishing a knife and began to flee. An Officer chased him and BOILEY pulled out a hammer to swing at the Officer. then pulled out a hammer and swung it at the officer.

BOILEY was handcuffed and arrested.

ALICIA KARTINEN was in the vehicle screaming “FUCK YOU” to TBPS Officers. She was also taken into custody. A search of the male resulted in several weapons being seized.

TYLER NEIL ALAN BOILY was criminally charged with:

  • · Resists Arrest
  • · Dangerous Driving
  • · Assault Police
  • · Weapons Dangerous
  • -Driving While Prohibited
  • -Theft of Motor vehicle

ALICIA KARTINEN was criminally charged with:

  • · Obstruct Police
  • · Resist Arrest

TYLER BOILY was sentenced to 5 years in Prison in May 2015 for killing Michelle Parker and Daniel Brooks in a dangerous driving incident on the Thunder Bay Expressway. He wound up serving about 2 years at a healing lodge in Saskatchewan

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