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MP Eric Melillo was “disappointed and concerned” by the Liberal government’s economic

MP Eric Melillo was “disappointed and concerned” by the Liberal government’s economic

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ~~~~  December 1, 2020 (LSN) Kenora riding MP Eric Melillo was “disappointed and concerned” by the Liberal government’s economic update.

“Yesterday’s economic update underscores what we’ve known all along - the Liberal government was not prepared to handle this crisis, and they still don’t know how to move Canada forward,” Melillo stated.

The Liberals’ economic update presented a deficit of nearly 400 billion, not even half of which is accounted for by pandemic response programs.

Melillo says he’s disappointed that the Liberals have no plan for vaccine distribution. Canada will only be getting vaccines after the U.S., the U.K., the European Union, Mexico, India, and Indonesia, and vaccination of Canadians may not start until September.

“The Liberals have not told us when we will have widespread access to rapid testing, or when vaccines will be available and how they’ll be distributed. Without a plan in place for vaccines, there is no plan for our economy,” Melillo stated.

Melillo added that the Liberal update will be cold comfort for businesses and workers who are suffering. “People are frustrated. They have followed public health advice and have done their part to combat the virus. But now they’re struggling and they want their lives back,” Melillo stated. “Instead of providing hope, this plan only offered more uncertainty.”

“The Liberals have no plan other than to stick with a status quo that is not working,” Melillo added.

Melillo says Canadians deserve more accountability from their government.

“Canadians need clarity about what they can expect in the coming months. They need a plan to preserve and protect our economy and allow Canadians to return to work safely. Under the leadership of Erin O’Toole, Conservatives will run a government that allows us to emerge from this pandemic stronger than ever.”


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