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Lewis Reaffirms Support for Law Enforcement

Lewis Reaffirms Support for Law Enforcement

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA  ~~~ June 22, 2020  (LSN)  — U.S. Senate candidate Jason Lewis released the following statement after reaffirming his support for law enforcement at the “Law Enforcement for Lewis” press conference.

"We are going to have some very bad consequences across the Twin Cities and the state as a whole if we continue down this perilous path of undercutting law enforcement and public order. Let me be clear about this: public order is not a privilege, it is a right. The need for public order is why government was established in the first place, and it is what makes the liberties granted to us in the Constitution possible. As we descend into this free-for-all mob rule, we are undercutting the very function of government.

Every single elected official has a duty to lead on this. And newsflash: you don’t lead by saying that the police are ‘rotten to the root’ like Ilhan Omar or that ‘there is something dangerously wrong about the role police play in society’ like Tina Smith. This type of inflammatory rhetoric is already having costly consequences as we see police officers leaving the profession en masse. Calling to abolish the police or threatening not to support them is driving out the good cops our communities so desperately need. How would have fewer police helped this weekend when the tragic violence unfolded in Uptown? And we got a glimpse of what life would be like without police just a few weeks ago when our cities were destroyed by looters and arsonists. Society breaks down when public order isn’t enforced.  

We’re at an inflection point here in Minnesota and across the country. We need to put an end to the dangerous anti-law enforcement rhetoric promoted by leaders like Tina Smith. If we don’t, what is happening in Minneapolis could spread throughout Minnesota and even across the country. We must take a stand for public order, or we risk losing all the things we hold dear. That’s why I’m proud to stand with the good men and women of law enforcement.” 

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