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Effective immediately, Chief Sylvie Hauth has been suspended

Effective immediately, Chief Sylvie Hauth has been suspended


THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ~~~~~~   June 28, 2022  (LSNews)  In a STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE the Secretary of the Board John Hannam stated in a release.

Effective immediately, Chief Sylvie Hauth has been suspended from her role as a result of the serious allegations brought forward by the Ontario Civilian Police Commission (OCPC), pending the outcome of that process. 

Acting Deputy Chief Dan Taddeo will lead the Thunder Bay Police Service at this time. The Board will have no further comment as the matter is now before the OCPC.


The former Deputy Police Chief Ryan Hughes, of the Thunder Bay Police Service, has been suspended on Friday January 28, 2022 

In other Police Board News:

New Board Member
The Board welcomed Councillor Shelby Ch’ng as a municipal appointee by Thunder Bay City Council. The Affirmation of Office was read aloud, signed and filed by Councillor Ch’ng. Her term is in effect until November 30, 2022. 


Chief of Police - Recruitment
Services Report Secretary John Hannam provided an overview of the purchase of recruitment services for a new Chief of Police, given the retirement of Chief Hauth, including a proposal from OdgersBerndtson, Executive Search Services. He recommended that they be hired to assist the Board in this search. The board approved that Odgers-Berndtson be hired to assist the Board with recruitment

Artificial Intelligence Policy
At the May 24, 2022 Regular Session of the Board, the Police Service provided an overview of the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their investigations, and requested that the Board develop a policy on the use of AI software and a monitoring guideline. It was recommended by Secretary Hannam that a policy be developed for the Board, that is written with the current product (Briefcam) in mind while capturing the key principles and areas of concern that have been raised by, for example, the Information and Privacy Commission of Ontario and other agencies. This policy will be developed and brought to the Board at a later date

OIPRD Recommendation #R29
At the May 24, 2022 Regular Session of the Board, Mayor Mauro asked the Chief to provide an overview of the major case investigations – particularly the cost, staffing and resources implications when pathology services are conducted in Toronto. Mayor Mauro noted that the cost implications for OCPC and OIPRD recommendations need to be considered at the time recommendations are being made, as there are significant costs involved in order to implement their recommendations. He asked that these considerations be included in the Administrator’s Final Report (when his tenure with this Board is completed). Administrator Mercer asked Chief Hauth for a regional assessment of costs for major case investigations.

An overview of this information was provided to the Board by the Service, including a cost of $31,095.74 for ten examinations conducted in Toronto in 2021.

Mayor Mauro requested that advocacy be undertaken at the provincial level to assist with fulfilling this recommendation. Administrator Mercer will be reviewing this information in greater detail to determine next steps in regards to advocacy

OIPRD Report Recommendations

The Board was presented with a summary of the status/progress of the OIPRD Recommendations since last presented on May 24, 2022, for the Board’s information. An overview of progress was provided.

Updates included:

  • • Truth and reconciliation training is underway for all TBPS members
  • • Training manuals specific to Major Crimes have been created
  • • OPTIC, a major case management system is scheduled to be operational the week of July 18, 2022.

Editors Questions:
With  the Police Chief and Deputy off on Leave and we are told a number of other officers are off 

      1    means a shortage of men
      2    are the people that are off on fully paid 
      3    if so it must be over a very significant amount of money 

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