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Sudden Death | Thunder Bay

Drugs on our Streets

Drugs on our Streets

Needles from Junkies put children at Risk

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO September 8, 2019 –(LSN) 

It’s definitely a alarming problem and epic Crisis in our community two young kids almost pick it up I reported to the store clerk and he acted very quickly in response about this we need bigger bins around for proper disposal of this situation yes the parents were right behind but all it takes is on poke and someone will get very sick no worries it was cleaned up fast πŸ‘ this happened on the south side on May street area at Circlekf you have been prescribed an opioid medicine, it should You have found a used needle, in one of the last places you ever expected  or wanted — to see one. On the playground. Inside the schoolyard. On the beach. Now what? In this permissive city, where open drug use is sadly common, people have finally reached a boiling point. They’re fed up with finding dangerous materials left behind by intravenous drug usersDirty needles, called “sharps,” along with cooking gear, water ampoules, and rubber ties are the most common detritus. As this list should only be used for and the drug problems are very bad in this community for sure no control in drug prevention issues arise in Thunder Bay 

Circle K employee picking up needle  Lake Superior News•    only be taken as prescribed
•    never be used by someone for whom it was not prescribed
•    never be taken with alcohol or other medications (except as prescribed)
Keep your medication safe to help prevent problematic use by others by:
•    never share your medication with anyone else
•    this is illegal and may also cause serious harm or death to the other person
•    keeping track of the number of pills remaining in a package
•    storing opioids in a safe and secure place, out of the reach of children and teenagers
Unused portions of opioid medicine should always be:
•    kept out of sight and reach of children and pets
•    stored in a safe place to prevent theft, problematic use or accidental exposure
•    returned to a pharmacy for safe disposal if it is no longer needed or expired
•    this prevents any possibility of illegal use and protects the environment from contamination



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Community news sports reports of Thunder Bay Facebook page 

  • 8 September 2019
  • Author: Robert McKenzie
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