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Car Port Fire Strand Ave

Car Port Fire Strand Ave

Thunder Bay Fire Rescue

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ~~~~~~  February 15, 2022  (LNews)  Platoon Chief John Russak of Thunder Bay Fire Rescure is reporting On February 15th, 2022 at approximately 08:47am, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue responded to the 600 block of Strand Ave. for a vehicle fire in a car port attached to the home. 

The fire was discovered by Police who happened to be driving by, the police officer also alerted the home owners to the situation who then exited the building.

The first arriving Pumper reported that there were two vehicles on fire in a car port attached to a house and possibly the home itself.  A 2nd alarm was initiated . Bringing the total number of responding units to 8; 6 pumpers, an aerial ladder truck and a Command truck. 

A 45mm hose line was stretched from a pumper truck and a rapid offensive attack took place with the fire being knocked down very quickly, resulting in no fire extension getting into the home.  Overhaul of the situation revealed minimal damage to the home but significant damage to the vehicles involved.

No fire personal or members of the public were injured.

TBFR would like to remind People to check extension cords to make sure they are in good working order

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