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Rapist finally Capture after three years Released on Bail

Rapist finally Capture after three years Released on Bail

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO ~~~  August 9, 2020  (LSN) 47-year-old Girolamo Moris Tirone was released on bail Thursday august 6,2020 by Justice of the peace Anna Gibbon with minimal conditions and no financial obligation.


Appearing by video from the Thunder Bay Jail for a bail hearing on Thursday, August 6, 2020 was 47-year old GIROLAMO MORIS TIRONE.

TIRONE is a career criminal who was arrested by police in Southern Ontario on June 19,2020

TIRONE has warrants for his arrest in Ottawa, Sault Ste. Marie & Thunder Bay.

Hardworking TBPS Officers were notified and they travelled to Southern Ontario to pick up TIRONE on the rape warrant. The Director of Communications at TBPS never told the public about the rape on March 2,2016 or the arrest on June 19,2020.

TIRONE was criminally charged with:

  • -Sexual assault
  • -Fail to comply with probation x2
  • -Obstruct justice x2

Provincial Crown Attorney Lu Zhou fought hard to keep TIRONE behind bars. Defence Attorney David Pierce represented TIRONE.

TIRONE has a horrendous criminal record with a history of failing to comply with court orders. He’s wanted on warrants out of Ottawa and Sault Ste. Marie for breaching court orders. He’s also a suspended driver. He’s a notorious thief and fraudster as well.

But, raping a developmentally challenged woman in Thunder Bay didn’t stop Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbon from releasing TIRONE on minimal conditions with no financial obligation. He doesn’t even have an address to go to.

His conditions are:

  • -report address to Thunder Bay Police within 24 hours
  • -a 10pm to 7am curfew
  • -no weapons
  • -attend court as required

It’s highly unlikely the TIRONE will ever return to Thunder Bay to answer to this crime.

But we’ve learned a couple of things.

  • It’s become incredibly obvious that Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbon doesn’t care about rape victims.
  • Her previous job was as the City of Thunder Bay’s Aboriginal Liaison Coordinator.
  • She never attended law school and is incredibly sympathetic to criminals.
  • She should do our city a favour and retire.

It’s also become painfully obvious that the Thunder Bay Police Service Board doesn’t care about vulnerable persons like a developmentally challenged woman getting raped.

TIRONE was ordered released by Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbon.

He promised to comply with the conditions like he has so many times before.


Public No Warned!
It appears s part of the new role of the Police Department , City Council and the Police Service Board, they do not tell the public that this person was on the loose.  There appears to be a movement away from the officers fighting crime.. To do this they need to prevent  the citizens of Thunder Bay from becoming aware of  most crimes 

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Tom Lockwood the Toronto-area lawyer appointed by the Ontario Civilian Police Commission to administer the Thunder Bay Police Services Board, in 2018
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