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THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ~~~~~~  March 25, 2021  (LSN)  A 24-year-old PETER BEARDY appeared by video from the Thunder Bay Jail in Plea Courtroom 102 before Her Honour, Justice Heather Pringle today, Thursday March 25,2021 to plead guilty to several charges including an attack on a paramedic who was trying to help him.  BEARDY is having difficulty staying awake for today’s court appearance and has to be awoken by Correctional Officers.

Provincial Crown Attorney Sean Doherty & Defence Attorney Patricia Vo have a joint submission for Her Honour to consider.


Hardworking Thunder Bay Police Officers were called on December 3,2020 to the 80 block of Limbrick Street regarding a man who was banging on the unit and attempting to gain entry. The woman who lived there had been previously assaulted by BEARDY and he was under a probation order not to be in contact with her.  BEARDY was arrested and criminally charged and later released. He’s guilty of breach of probation.

Paramedics were called to the Canadian Tire store on March 18,2021 shortly after 6pm regarding an intoxicated male.  Paramedics arrived quickly to attend to the drunk man.  He was placed in the ambulance when he began punching the paramedic in the face & back of the head.  The ambulance pulled over and the paramedics exited while TBPS Officers arrived to take over. Officers attempted to talk to BEARDY, but he began flailing &  told Officers “Fuck you, I’ll fight you”.   BEARDY was restrained & arrested. At the Police Station, BEARDY became very uncooperative & aggressive and required further restraint.  He has been in custody since.  He’s guilty of assault and breach of probation.


BEARDY is a band member of the Muskrat Dam Lake Indian Reserve.  He’s been drinking alcohol since he’s 13 years old.  His criminal record starts at 14 years old.  He has numerous convictions of violence, drunk driving and at least 20 convictions for breaching court orders. He’s currently on 2 different probation orders from April 12,2020 and November 13,2020 of 18 months each.

He was convicted of a violent baseball attack last year on his ex-girlfriend’s father.  BEARDY has spent a total of 6 days in jail and that is enhanced to 9 days of time served.  The proposed sentence is 45 days minus time served, plus another 12 months’ probation, a DNA order and a 10 year weapons prohibition. 

Her Honour Pringle accepts the joint submission.  BEARDY has 36 days remaining in his sentence but will be statutorily released in 24 days.  He’ll be out on the streets by mid-April. He’ll be under 3 different probation orders at that time. 

The Director of Communications at TBPS never told the public about this attack on our hardworking front line paramedic

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