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Home Invasion Attacked while sleeping

Home Invasion Attacked while sleeping

Ivall used hammer on Sleeping Victim

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ~~~  July 8, 2020 (LSN)  “An act of extreme violence that shows utter disregard for human life. A cowardly act, considering the victim was sleeping and defenceless” - Justice Frank Valente

This Home Invasion was never reported to the public by the Police PR Department 

Appearing by audio in Thunder Bay sentencing court today, Wednesday, July 8, 2020 is 21-year old SKYLER IVALL.

His Honour, Justice Frank Valente will be sentencing IVALL for the bloody hammer attack.

SKYLAR IVALL has plead guilty on January 16, 2020 to aggravated assault. There is a joint submission for sentencing.

FACTS Presented 

On January 23,2019, local criminal Hunter Radford was sleeping in bed with his new girlfriend (IVALL’S ex-girlfriend) at a home in the 100 block of Laidlaw Drive in Thunder Bay.
Radford had just finished arguing with SKYLER IVALL all night on Facebook Messenger in which IVALL had threatened Radford.

Radford and his girlfriend had just gone to sleep around 4:00am. While Radford was sleeping at 5:45am , IVALL had entered the Laidlaw Drive home with a hammer found in the back yard.
IVALL began striking Radford in the head with the hammer. Hitting him 3 times.
The girlfriend awoke and convinced IVALL to drop the hammer and leave the home.
Thunder Bay Police arrived quickly along with paramedics to a bloody mess.
RADFORD had his skull fractured in multiple locations. Part of his skull is collapsed into his brain cavity.

Hardworking Thunder Bay Police quickly located IVALL at the Esso on John Street. IVALL told police that Radford “pisses me off, he sent me a picture of her naked ass. I did it, I just want it over”


Defence Attorney David Pierce announces a joint submission for 2 years less a day going forward from today along with 3 years of probation.

A presentence report is before His Honour along with the 8 page Victim Impact statement of Radford.

Radford has memory issues and lives in intense pain and fear. He’s unable to skateboard anymore along with other activities.

IVALL has one criminal conviction for killing a little girl’s pet goat in Rainy River on April 2,2017 (See story below and pictures)

His Honour asks IVALL if he has anything to say. “Sorry for everything I’ve done” he replies.

Justice Valente has reviewed the reports and decides to accept the joint submission.

“An act of extreme violence that shows utter disregard for human life. A cowardly act, considering the victim was sleeping and defenceless” - Justice Frank Valente

IVALL has been in custody since the incident. He is given credit for 402 actual days in jail which is enhanced to 603 days.

IVALL will serve 2 years less a day going forward from today along with 3 years probation.

His probation will have a 10pm to 6am curfew along with several other conditions.

IVALL is from the Big Island Indian Reserve and will go live with his mother in Rainy River when released from custody.

A DNA order and 10 year weapon ban is issued on IVALL

IVALL is ordered no contact with Radford or his ex-girlfriend

As per usual practice, the Director Of Communications at TBPS never notified the public about this violent home invasion.

INSIDE EDITION NOTE: Radford was part of a teenage gang of criminals called 1Hunna, who bullied other teenagers and Radford has a history of violence with his friend Scotlund Crompton including assaults on women and other vulnerable people.


On April 2,2017, SKYLER IVALL of Rainy River and BRANDON PENNER of Lake of the Woods Township bludgeoned a nine-year-old girl’s pet goat Despereaux to death with an axe at a residence on Government Road in Rainy River.

IVALL received a 6 month Conditional Sentence Order for the killing of the girl’s pet.

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