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Fire Fighter sentenced for Aggravated Assault on Emergency Room Doctor

Fire Fighter sentenced for Aggravated Assault on Emergency Room Doctor

After 3 years

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO ~~~July 8, 2020 (LSN)  A 47-year-old STEPHEN JAMES CAMERON was found GUILTY on October 29,2019 of dangerous driving and aggravated assault on a prominent Thunder Bay Doctor which resulted in wounds, broken bones, a concussion & a detached retina which causes vision problems to this day.

STEPHEN JAMES CAMERON of Ray Boulevard in Thunder Bay was off duty on the night of July 2,2017. He was driving in a dangerous manner, almost hitting the victim with a vehicle then he exits vehicle to commit a vicious assault on a prominent local physician at the intersection of Winnipeg & Bay Street. He also put members of the public at risk with his driving.

Hardworking Thunder Bay Police Officers investigated the incident and their hard work paid off with some luck. A resident in the area had just moved his security camera to the front entrance of his home, the night before the violent attack on the Doctor.

There was video footage of the incident

The Doctor was off work over 5 months and still suffers the effects of this aggravated assault.

CAMERON, a former plumber, has been with the Thunder Bay Fire Department for the past 9 years and is stationed out of the North Central Station.

This was the second trial for CAMERON. His first trial before Justice Joyce Pelletier concluded in 2018 but Her Honour went off work sick, unable to write a decision and has not returned since.

A new Judge was brought in, His Honour, Justice Peter Bishop to hear the new trial in 2019. It concluded Thursday October 24,2019.

One of our writers at Inside Edition thought it was a newsworthy story that taxpayers should be made aware of.

CAMERON, a city employee paid with taxpayer dollars was on the Ontario Sunshine List making over $103 000 in 2017

A presentence report was ordered for STEPHEN JAMES CAMERON on October 29,2019

There have been numerous delays, and now, just over 3 years after the date of this senseless attack, STEPHEN JAMES CAMERON is at the Thunder Bay Courthouse for sentencing today.

SENTENCING Tuesday July 7,2020

Appearing in Thunder Bay courtroom 206 this afternoon, Tuesday, July 7, 2020 is 47-year old STEPHEN JAMES CAMERON.

He’s of average height, approximately 5’8” has a receding hairline with a bald spot in the back. He appears to be physically fit and well dressed wearing a dark suit and shoes.

His Honour, Ontario Court Justice Peter Bishop is presiding.

Crown Attorney Rob Kozak and defence lawyer George Joseph are here to make sentencing submissions. Cameron’s wife is also present to support her husband.


Submissions begin by Defence. Lawyer George Joseph suggests that an appropriate sentence is a 1 year Conditional Sentence Order (CSO or House Arrest) along with a suspended sentence and 1 year of probation with no driving prohibition.

The presentence report for CAMERON was very positive and there were numerous character reference letters. TBFR Platoon Chief Ed Hill called CAMERON “hardworking with a positive work ethic”. Several character references were shocked at CAMERON’S behaviour suggesting it was not normal for him.

Going to jail could cause CAMERON to lose his job as a taxpayer funded firefighter.
George Joseph tells the court that his client is embarrassed by the social media reports on this assault. (Local mainstream news thought this was not a newsworthy story)

Defence further asks that if His Honour does choose jail for the firefighter, that sentencing be delayed until September. George Joseph suggests that it should be delayed due to Covid. His Honour respectfully disagrees by stating that there are no Covid cases in the Thunder Bay Jail or Correctional Center. The Justice system must move forward.

“IT’S BEEN OVER THREE YEARS, IT’S TIME TO END THIS” - Ontario Court Justice Peter Bishop.


Provincial Crown Attorney Rob Kozak argues that a 6-12 month actual jail sentence is appropriate along with probation. Rob Kozak has worked hard on this case, like he always does.
General deterrence and denunciation are required. The public needs to know that this is not acceptable behaviour.

Kozak argues that CAMERON did not need to do any of this, but he chose to.

Aside from the vicious assault on the Doctor, members of the public were put at risk by CAMERON’S dangerous driving.

Both lawyers submitted case law to bolster their arguments.

CAMERON is asked by Justice Bishop if he has anything to say before sentencing. He apologizes and accepts responsibility for his actions.

Inside Edition sources indicate that CAMERON had never met the Doctor before the night he caused so much physical damage to the Doctor’s health.


His Honour, Justice Peter Bishop is a very experienced and wise jurist of the Ontario Court of Justice. He’s been on the bench for 26 years. He takes time to consider all factors.

His Honour returns and refers to the medical reports on all the injuries sustained by the Doctor at the hands of the firefighter.

Puncture wounds, lacerations requiring stitches and multiple skull fractures. A detached retina has caused vision problems for the Doctor as well as the concussion suffered.


His Honour Bishop has determined an appropriate sentence that will meet all the objectives of sentencing.

STEPHEN JAMES CAMERON is sentenced to probation until September 1,2020.

CAMERON will begin a 4 month jail sentence on September 1,2020.

After his jail sentence is complete he will receive an 8 month Conditional Sentence Order. (House Arrest)

This will be followed by 1 year of probation.

He must participate in all required counseling and programs ordered by Community Supervision and Probation.

A 10-year weapon prohibition is ordered along with a DNA order.

Cameron is ordered no contact with the victim or the victim’s wife.

No restitution is ordered as the victim has filed a Civil Lawsuit in Superior Court against the firefighter.

It is not known if the firefighter will lose his job while incarcerated. The Thunder Bay Fire Chief will need to decide if he wants to keep Cameron on staff while he’s incarcerated. The City keeps several criminals on their payroll.

CAMERON submitted his DNA at the courthouse and left with his wife. He seemed in a very somber mood knowing he has a criminal record and that he’s going to jail before summer is over.

INSIDE EDITION TRIVIA: CAMERON’S FATHER, James Cameron was convicted in 2013 of sec. 149 Criminal Code x 2 Indecent assault on a minor He is now 91 years old and on the sex offenders registry. Not allowed firearms and not allowed around persons under 16 years old unless supervised by an adult.

We here at the Inside Edition wish the Doctor a recovery from these life altering injuries. Please get back to helping all the people you do.

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Thunder Bay Court House Inside Edition
Thunder Bay Court House Inside Edition

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