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Sudden Death | Thunder Bay 2019

New Justice Centre Report on dangers of digital ID in Canada
Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms
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New Justice Centre Report on dangers of digital ID in Canada

Canada’s Road to Beijing

THUNDER BAY, SAULT STE MAIRE, ONTARIO  ~~~~~  August 10, 2022 (LSNews)  The Justice Centre today released a new Report on the real and growing threat of digital ID technologies in Canada. This report, entitled Canada’s Road to Beijing, outlines the Chinese Communist Party’s use of Digital ID technologies to suppress freedom in China, cautions Canadians about the immediate and increasing threat of government use of these technologies, and shows how they could impact Charter-protected rights and freedoms.

Digital ID and digital currency technologies are hardly novel, having been extensively developed and implemented in the People’s Republic of China under the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) since 2009. There, these technologies have armed the CPC to ‘blacklist’ and segregate Chinese (and even Canadian) citizens for criminal behavior, for disseminating controversial beliefs, for holding religious gatherings, for having too many children, and even for purchasing too many video games.

This report draws attention to the parallels between the uses of digital ID technologies in China and Canada. We conclude that the parallels are uncomfortably close. While it is true that these digital technologies promise greater efficiency and accessibility, we caution that they pose a significant (but overlooked) threat to Charter rights and freedoms. These technologies equip our governments to track the financial and physical behaviors of Canadians, and, in certain alarming cases, to penalize Canadians for exercising their Charter-protected rights and freedoms. Digital ID allow governments to know where you go, what you buy, and how you spend your money.

It recently came to light that, in 2020, the Government of Canada secretly authorized the surveillance of 33 million Canadian-based smartphones in order to determine whether their users had been complying with Covid mobility restrictions. In 2021, Canadian governments required citizens to present digital proof of vaccination in order to participate in many spheres of public and private life. (For example, Albertans needed a QR code just to go to a restaurant or movie theatre.) In 2022, the Federal Government tracked and froze the bank accounts of more than 200 Freedom Convoy supporters and associates, with no opportunity for appeal or objection. Such interventions have been made possible by the quiet proliferation of digital tracking technologies across Canada in the last decade.

These technologies are already being used, to varying degrees, in B.C., Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec. The Atlantic provinces and Saskatchewan are now testing and developing these technologies for future implementation, and governments seem to want more. Right now, there are talks of developing a national digital ID, which would be required to access the more than 270 online Government of Canada services and programs. The Government of Canada website describes this technology as “One ID to rule them all.

“It’s kind of like being invited to a really exciting party. Just make sure to bring some (digital) ID,” states the website.

“What Canadians need today is not more unmitigated government access to private information but, instead, a renewed commitment to Charter rights and freedoms. We are on the road to Beijing, and Canadians should be apprehensive,” says lawyer John Carpay, President of the Justice Centre.

“Things are moving fast, and Canadians should be very concerned that a free and democratic society is quickly headed towards a society where citizens can be cancelled by the government with the flick of a switch,” warns Mr. Carpay.

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Murders Thunder Bay vs other Ontario Cities

Thunder Bay maintained its title as the murder capital of Canada in 2018,  For the third consecutive year - and the fourth time in the last five years

 It has been announced again that Thunder Bay is the Murder Capital of Canada for 2018 in Canada for CMAs with populations between 100,000 to less than 500,000 people

Thunder Bay had the highest rate in that category with 6.38 homicides per 100,000.
Barrie with zero
St. Catharines–Niagara  Region with 0.42


Thunder Bay has the highest Opiod death Rate in Ontario

Path 525 Thunder Bay Drug Injection Site  Lake Superior NewsIn 2018, 44 people died of opioid overdose in Thunder Bay.

It’s made Thunder Bay the highest per capita opioid death rate in Ontario.

The 44 deaths were a 40 per cent increase from 2017, a year in which Thunder Bay also held the highest provincial rate.

Between July 2017 and June 2018, nearly 3,900 naloxone kits were handed out by the Thunder Bay District Health Unit and local pharmacies, 



Thunder Bay is that the homicide rate for 2017 is down from 2016 when it stood at 6.62 per 100,000

Greater Sudbury's murder rate is  remains one of the lowest in Canada. murder rate was 0.61 per 100,000 people

Thunder Bay as the only Legal Injeciton site in Northern Ontario 

Murders by Ward 2019

  • Homicide #1  Leo Chiodo  Westfort Ward 108th Avenue Mission Island 
  • Homicide #2  Tanya Andy  McIntrye Ward Behind Landmark Inn
  • Homicide #3  Claude Justin KISHIQUEB Current River Ward Cumberland Street
  • Homicide #4  Robenson St Jean McIntrye Ward Hilldale and Melbourne
  • Homicide #5  Andrew Ayre McKellar Ward,  Victoria Ave East
  • Homicide #6  Nazareth Andrew KWANDIBENS Current River Ward  Arundel Street

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