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Sudden Death | Thunder Bay 2019

TBay Courthouse
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THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO ~~~~~  July 26, 2022 (LSNews)  A 37 year old JOEL KENT MAYO appeared in person today, Monday July 25,2022 before His Honour, Justice Steven Clark to plead guilty to nineteen gun crime and be sentenced as part of a plea deal.

MAYO showed up to court late, almost half an hour causing a delay in court proceeding. Apparently he thought he thought he was going to be sentenced in his lawyer’s office and went there instead.

MAYO finally showed up alone and court got started.

MAYO will plead guilty to 19 counts of trafficking & theft of firearms.


Due to the tremendous amount of thefts & trafficking charges, defence lawyer Justin Blanco has put together an admitted set of facts and a timeline that occurred for the Judge to follow along.

Hardworking Thunder Bay OPP Officers executed a search warrant at the Mckenzie Inn in Shuniah on October 22,2018. The building was being leased by MAYO’S brother Micha Mintenko. OPP seized an Uberti handgun that was stolen from GMK Armoury on Water Street South in Thunder Bay.

This triggered a large OPP investigation into JOEL MAYO where numerous firearms were seized and MAYO was arrested and criminally charged.

JOEL MAYO worked at GMK Armoury from July 15,2014 to August 25,2019. His job duties were ordering firearms, creating customer profiles, and he had all access to the business & guns 7 days a week.

Several guns had came into the business through an estate sale and MAYO did not enter the Uberti handgun in to the computer as he was required to do.

Being in charge of the inventory, he was able to manipulate the computer system over the years and created fake customer profiles.

On June 26,2017, MAYO stole a Benelli rifle from GMK

Between June 15 & June 30,2017, MAYO stole a Norinco rifle from GMK

On June 1,2016, MAYO stole a Ruger rifle from GMK.

On March 3,2017, MAYO stole a SAKO 85 rifle from GMK.

On November 21,2016, MAYO trafficked a stolen SAKO 85 rifle.

On March 27,2017, MAYO was trafficking a stolen Tikka rifle.

On September 14,2017, MAYO was trafficking a stolen Tikka rifle

On October 4,2017, MAYO was trafficking a stolen Beretta shotgun

On October 18,2017, MAYO was trafficking a stolen Benelli rifle

On February 10,2016, MAYO did an illegal transfer of a Black Savage rifle when he was not authorized to do so.

On December 12,2015, MAYO stole a pink handgun

On August 19,2016, MAYO stole a black Beretta handgun

On April 11,2016, MAYO stole a black Beretta handgun

On August 17,2016, MAYO stole a Red Savage rifle.

Between September 1,2016 & December 15,2016, MAYO trafficked a Tikka 30-06 rifle.

Between June 1 & June 30,2016, MAYO trafficked a Mossberg shotgun.

MAYO actually gave one handgun away as a wedding gift and illegally traded another gun with a TBPS Officer. MAYO pocketed cash in the some of the sales and trades


Crown Attorney Thomas Bud & Defence Lawyer Justin Blanco have a joint submission for His Honour, Justice Clark to consider.

MAYO be sentenced to a total of three years less presentence credits.

MAYO has been on strict bail conditions for 37 months. A Downes credit of one year presentence custody is proposed.

MAYO has served an actual 85 days in jail and that should be enhanced to 128 days

That would leave MAYO with 601 days going forward or 20 months custody.

JOEL KENT MAYO is 37 years old and is the father of two girls, 8 & 12 years old.

He grew up in a household where his father would discipline him with a belt. MAYO is the oldest of three children. He has one sister & one brother. His brother was his mother’s favourite child & his sister was his father’s favourite.

MAYO spent a lot of time growing up with his grandfather who taught him to hunt. He developed a love of the outdoors and firearms.

MAYO dropped out of school in Grade 11 to join the work force. He’s worked various jobs including airport security, bouncer & animal & pest control.

MAYO is bi-polar and has experienced anxiety with these charges for over three years.

MAYO was jealous of people who had bigger, better & more firearms than him.

MAYO did not traffick any guns to criminals. Only to other gun enthusiasts and hunters.

MAYO does not have a previous criminal record, but he is starting it off with a lot of charges.

MAYO wants to work a trap line in Upsala when released from custody.

Justice Clark is questioning this joint submission. He notes the egregious breach of trust MAYO committed while working at GMK Armoury. His Honour questions the Downes credit submission as well as the volume of thefts and trafficking. His Honour notes that there is no restitution in the joint submission for the owner of GMK Armoury.

Justice Clark thinks the mandatory minimum of 3 years is a bit too good of a deal for MAYO.

MAYO is given an opportunity to address the court before sentencing. He has nothing to say.

His Honour reluctantly accedes to the joint submission and sentences MAYO to 3 years minus presentence custody and credits.

JOEL KENT MAYO has 20 months custody going forward and will be statutorily released in just under 14 months.

MAYO is also going on 18 months probation with conditions not to contact the owner of GMK.

A 10 year weapon prohibition is ordered with an exception for sustenance hunting or employment.

A DNA Order is also issued.

Several remaining charges were dropped, but not all. MAYO has another court date for other charges

MAYO is handcuffed by Thunder Bay Police and transported to the Thunder Bay Jail to begin serving his sentence.

TBLAZYWATCH was aware of this sentencing hearing today, but decided to promote monkeypox vaccines for a political candidate in Red River ward.



December 14,2021



Justice Joyce Elder accepted a guilty plea today, Tuesday December 14,2021 from the lawyer of JOEL KENT MAYO for theft of a rifle. (theft under $5000)

MAYO did not attend court but sent instructions through his lawyer, Justin Blanco to plead guilty.

MAYO is guilty of stealing a SAKO 865 Rifle from GMK Armoury in 2015.

A presentence report has been ordered for MAYO who remains free on bail. He has another court appearance on February 7,2022.

MAYO has several outstanding criminal charges (read below)


March 28,2019



Thunder Bay OPP just don’t take breaks. They were busy as usual yesterday

OPP arrested 33 year old JOEL KENT MAYO yesterday and charged him with 11 criminal gun charges.

Some of MAYO’s charges are:

  • -possession of stolen Benelli rifle from GMK Armoury - June 26,2017
  • -defraud an individual with stolen Norinco rifle in trade for Savage rifle & cash - June 2017
  • -trafficking an Uberti handgun, September 2018
  • -possession stolen Uberti handgun, September 2018
  • - trafficking Norinco rifle June 2017
  • -possession of stolen Ruger rifle property of GMK Armoury
  • -trafficking Ruger rifle
  • -stole an Uberti handgun June 2017

He will remain in custody pending a bail hearing on Wednesday April 3,2019

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