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Sudden Death | Thunder Bay 2019

TBay Courthouse
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A 41 year old white male, HANS BRIAN KASMA appeared remotely from the Thunder Bay Hospital - Mental Health Unit for a bail hearing before Justice of the Peace Jennifer Neil , Tuesday August 2,2022.

KASMA has gone through five lawyers already and doesn’t trust lawyers. He is self representing.

Senior Crown Attorney John Laluk is present to take on this case and argue why KASMA should be detained for a long list of crimes including a kidnapping of a senior citizen.


KASMA was driving southbound on December 28,2020 around 4pm in the Sunshine area on Highway 11/17. KASMA was driving erratically, swerving into oncoming traffic when hardworking OPP Officers attempted to pull him over. KASMA tried to flee police, and sped up. OPP Officers called off the chase due to public safety concerns.

Thunder Bay Police Officers located & pulled KASMA over. TBPS Officers observed KASMA in the driver’s seat wearing a tin foil hat and he had a large ball of tin foil in his mouth. KASMA was arrested and brought immediately to Thunder Bay Hospital. He was criminally charged with:

  • -dangerous driving
  • -flight from police

KASMA was later released on January 12,2021 from hospital with the condition not to drive. The public was never notified about the release or arrest.

On the same day on January 12,2021 KASMA finds himself in a similar situation, as hardworking Thunder Bay Police Officers spot a small, silver car driving in an erratic fashion and into oncoming traffic at 9:15pm. KASMA again tries to flee police, but is pulled over. KASMA was criminally charged with:

  • -dangerous driving
  • -flight from police

KASMA was released yet again and the public was never notified.

KASMA attended Thunder Bay Police Station on March 24,2021 for fingerprinting and was carrying a concealed weapon (knife). KASMA would tell police that he needed the knife to protect himself from the people in the back seat of the car. But no one was in the car. KASMA is arrested and criminally charged with carrying a concealed weapon. KASMA was ordered released by the court with conditions to report weekly, not have weapons & to not drive.

KASMA told his elderly mother, a senior citizen on October 14,2021 that he wanted to take her for groceries. Instead, he drove her out of the city refusing to let her out of the vehicle, despite her continual pleading. The elderly woman does not speak English. She is fluent in Finnish.

KASMA would spend the next 10 days driving with her in the car throughout Ontario. He would often drive with the windows down causing his elderly mother to suffer from the cold. He rarely fed her and kept her confined to the vehicle. She had no change of clothes.

KASMA was in Toronto with his mother on October 19,2021 when he phoned his brother in Alberta asking for money. His brother became suspicious and asked to speak to their mother, but KASMA refused to let their mother speak. No money was sent.

On October 24,2022 Ottawa Police were called by security guards at a Health Canada building in Ottawa regarding a man with a knife trying to get into the building.

Ottawa Police responded and arrested KASMA. They located his elderly mother who’d been confined to the car. Ottawa Police noticed the interior of the car was covered in trash and electrical tape was used to cover up all the chrome trim in the vehicle. His elderly mother required medical attention and was brought to Ottawa hospital where Doctors diagnosed her with:

  • -muscle atrophy
  • -pulmonary embolism
  • -blood clots

Because of the injuries suffered from the kidnapping, this elderly citizen must take blood thinners for the rest of her life.

Ottawa Police arrest KASMA. KASMA has $600 cash in his pocket. Ottawa Police would charge KASMA with weapons charges but would later drop the charges, just to get him out of Ottawa.

Thunder Bay Police were contacted and KASMA was criminally charged by Thunder Bay Police with:

  • -kidnapping
  • -aggravated assault (endanger life)
  • -breach of release order

Despite all these charges, TBPS Media Relations Coordinator Scott Paradis never told the public. He doesn’t seem to care much about public safety or senior citizens. In fact, Paradis failed to tell the public a senior citizen was even missing.

KASMA has been in custody since the kidnapping and now wants out of the hospital.

KASMA is choosing to represent himself and he tells the court that he will refer to himself in the third person.

KASMA tells the court he has been tortured and threatened with death by Thunder Bay Police. KASMA states he goes without food or water for up to 30 days and has gone without sleep for over a year.

KASMA tells the court “Everyone should carry a knife. It’s insane not to have a knife”

KASMA proposes his bail plan to the court of $50 000 and wearing a GPS ankle bracelet as well as reporting daily to the Thunder Bay Courthouse. KASMA does not want to report to Thunder Bay Police, because they will torture him and threaten to kill him. KASMA wants to go live at the Shelter House. He tells the court that he has over $100 000 in stocks but the stock market has crashed, so he doesn’t know if the money is still there.

KASMA tells the court that he suffers from cluster headaches for 8 years. The doctors have failed to help him and he now has muscle spasms in his brain. He has a broken back and neck that caused all his teeth to get cavities.

KASMA insists he will still contact his mother when he’s released.

The court receives a mental health report on HANS KASMA which states he’s a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. He’s been on ODSP since 23 years of age and will likely be found Not Criminally Responsible due to Mental Condition if the matter goes to trial.

KASMA has a criminal record that starts in 1995 with theft. He’s had several other convictions for drugs and mischief since then.

After KASMA has completed talking, Justice of the Peace Jennifer Neill asks him to take an oath to tell the truth. Normally this is done prior to speaking. KASMA states that everything he said was true.

Court stood down for lunch and Justice of the Peace Jennifer Neill returns with her decision. HANS KASMA will be detained in custody on the grounds of his substantial likelihood of committing another crime.

KASMA has another court appearance on Monday August 8,2022.

Before leaving, KASMA tells the court “Don’t forget your knife”

Anyone with a picture of Hans Kasma is encouraged to message our page.

TBPS Media Relations Coordinator Scott Paradis and his buddies at TBLAZYWATCH have stooped to new low, by refusing to tell the public about the kidnapping of a senior citizen.

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Thunder Bay had the highest rate in that category with 6.38 homicides per 100,000.
Barrie with zero
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Thunder Bay has the highest Opiod death Rate in Ontario

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It’s made Thunder Bay the highest per capita opioid death rate in Ontario.

The 44 deaths were a 40 per cent increase from 2017, a year in which Thunder Bay also held the highest provincial rate.

Between July 2017 and June 2018, nearly 3,900 naloxone kits were handed out by the Thunder Bay District Health Unit and local pharmacies, 



Thunder Bay is that the homicide rate for 2017 is down from 2016 when it stood at 6.62 per 100,000

Greater Sudbury's murder rate is  remains one of the lowest in Canada. murder rate was 0.61 per 100,000 people

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