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Sunday night residents of Thunder Bay lost Pino Demasi

Sunday night residents of Thunder Bay lost Pino Demasi

their voice in a crime ridden city.

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ~  March 30, 2020  (LSN)  He told the stories of the victims who died because of drug use. There are 44 families in Thunder Bay who have lost a loved one to addiction issues. I will not use the term “drug over-dose” - as it camouflages the reality that they were sold drugs that murdered them. 

The establishment did not like Pino to point to the number of drug deaths in our community. But the hard-working police officers putting their lives at risk appreciated him addressing and exposing how dangerous our community has become. Already this year we have had 163 sexual assaults.

The Police Services Board and their Police Chief never say anything about these sexual assaults – even to warn women when or where they occur in the city or that drug gangs were taking over houses in neighbourhoods.  Pino blasted it out with a bullhorn.

He would tell us about crimes across the city whether it be a violent beating, stabbing or the discovery of a dead body. 

In the past the Police Chief met with the Media every morning. Citizens were informed. Today, the City Council, their police Chief and Police Service Board have a Police Public Relations Department, a layer of taxpayer funded bureaucracy that rations information. And taxpayers are left in the dark.

With the passing of Pino Demasi, a light was snuffed out that illuminated for the community how violent and dangerous our community has become, and that citizens must take care. I guess that is bad for business if you are a politician. Luckily, Pino wasn’t.

We did not always agree with what he said or how he said it. But at least we were warned how dangerous our city had become. We really didn’t know before Pino started his crusade.  

He stood up for our police officers who put their lives and risk to make our families safe. 

He warned us that drug gangs hold on our neighbourhoods was increasing. 

Thunder Bay will be less informed, less vigilant, and a more dangerous place to live for Pino Demasi’s passing.

  He will be missed.

Condolences to his family.

By the Lake Superior News 
Community Editorial Board

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