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Extremist Toronto BLM Protesters Call For ABOLISHING PRISONS

Extremist Toronto BLM Protesters Call For ABOLISHING PRISONS

Which Would Fill Our Streets & Communities With Killers & Predators

TORONTO, ONTARIO  ~~~~~~~ August 2, 2020  (LSN)   his extremist radical-left movement is a danger to our country. Under the banner of BLM, far-left extremist radicals are getting worse and worse. In Toronto, a group of radicals marched chanting “free them all.”

And who were they talking about freeing?


The extremists are demanding the abolishment of prisons.

That’s right.

They want to shut down all prisons, and free all criminals.

Of course, this would put you and your family in massive danger.

Our streets and communities would be filled with killers, predators, rapists, and more.

Murder would skyrocket, rapes would surge, children would be put at immense risk.

It would be chaos, violence, and death across the country with the worst of the worst released.

And as you very well know, the same dangerous extremist radicals calling for the abolishment of prisons want to abolish the police and ban all guns, leaving you helpless amid the hordes of criminals and predators they would release from the jails.

These radicals may be easy to laugh at, but they are pushing an agenda that is increasingly embraced by politically-correct politicians and the establishment media.

All common-sense Canadians across the political spectrum must denounce and fight back against this insanity.

Spencer Fernando

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Spencer Fernando  Lake Superior NewsSpencer Fernando   
Spencer Fernando is based in Winnipeg





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