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Your performances deserve an academy award!

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  -  December 23, 2019  (LSN) I got the 'DEASE POOL BLUES!  Congratulations to Thunder Bay's City Administrators and City Council. That was quite the show that you presented at the Council Meeting on December 16th!  Yowser, I saw your true colors come shining through so brilliantly that I had to wear my sunglasses! Bravo! Your performances deserve an academy award!

Forgive the sarcasm! I am appalled at your lack of respect for your constituents. It is time for this Administration and Council to book themselves for a Hearing test. You forget who you are working for! You need to check your egos at the door and do the jobs you were hired/elected to do!  Your jobs are to listen to and serve your constituents, provide local government services, while safeguarding taxpayer's dollars and maintaining a policy of transparency! Your behaviour towards your constituents has been abusive and totally unprofessional! Time to put your 'Thinking Caps on, change your bad behaviours and set a better example for our kids.

Shame on you for your appalling behaviour and shame on all of us for allowing this to continue!

-There's no pool like this OLD POOL

Maureen Woodcock/McKellar Ward Constituent

  • 23 December 2019
  • Author: Robert McKenzie
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