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China’s Government Is In Total Panic Mode

China’s Government Is In Total Panic Mode

That Should Scare The World

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA  - January 26, 2020  (LSN)Time With over 20 million people now in lockdown, it’s clear that the situation is far worse than China is admitting. 
China is panicking.  China has now locked down four cities, with over 20 million restricted from leaving their cities.

It’s believed to be the largest quarantine lockdown in human history.

Those aren’t the actions of a government that has things under control. Those are the actions of a government that is panicking, realizing they failed to act in time and are now desperate to stop something that already seems out of control.

For weeks, the government’s official coronavirus infection list stood at just 41. Then, it was rapidly updated, when it became impossible to hide from the world.

Since then, the number of those infected has risen steadily, as deaths rise and the virus spreads around the world.

And now, China is locking down entire cities.

Of course, that lockdown looks like it was far too late. The virus can be present in someone for over a week without any symptoms, meaning people who don’t feel sick have already been travelling worldwide.

Worst of all, governments – including the Canadian government – are refusing to restrict flights from China. As a result, it’s quite possible that many people who have been exposed to the virus will be allowed to enter our country, with the government merely hoping for the best.

At this point, it cannot be denied that China’s government is in full-blown panic mode. And if they’re panicking, the rest of the world should be scared of what’s really going on.

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Spencer Fernando  Lake Superior NewsSpencer Fernando   
Spencer Fernando is based in Winnipeg



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  • 26 January 2020
  • Author: Robert McKenzie
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