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TransCanada walks away from Energy East: Liberals “lose” pipeline to gain votes

TransCanada walks away from Energy East   Lake Superior News
#LSN_Opinion   TransCanada walks away from Energy East

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  --  September 9, 2017   (LSN)  TransCanada announced they’ve suspended their application to build the $13.7B project.   The company still wants to build the project, but says it might be cancelled due to significant changes to the regulation process. 

Canada has around the third highest oil reserves on the planet yet still imports conflict oil from Middle East countries where barbaric practices abound, all because professional eco-radicals don’t want a pipeline and some government officials and bureaucrats want to keep their cushy taxpayer funded jobs.

You’d think our feminist Prime Minister, champion of human rights and minorities, would be opposed to bringing blood oil into the country. Instead, he’s responsible for bringing in more of it by putting an end to Energy East.

The Liberals are indirectly killing pipelines by bringing in a competition-killing carbon tax and hiring their anti-oil activist friends to the NEB decision making panel.

Could the Liberals be stalling Energy East because they think they’ll lose the next election if they approve it?
Watch as I explain why this might be the case and it has a lot to do with the many NDP ridings that turned red last election.


This isn’t about climate change and it’s not about the environment.

Liberals are actually all about appeasing their voter base and appeasing a potential voter base, even if it means kneecapping Canadian prosperity and supporting our enemies.

Holly Nicholas
Rebel Commentator
Rebel Media   Lake Superior News

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