DESMOULIN appeared by video from the Correctional Center in Thunder Bay Bail Court before Her Honour, Justice Diane Oleksiw to plead guilty to: -aggravated assault on..." />
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THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ~~~~~~   February 19, 2021  (LSN)    A 25-year-old THEARON WAYNE EDGAR DESMOULIN was sentenced on Thursday February 18,2021 to a total of 21 months for a violent attack on a female on the Pic Mobert Indian Reserve. 

DESMOULIN appeared by video from the Correctional Center in Thunder Bay Bail Court before Her Honour, Justice Diane Oleksiw to plead guilty to:

  • -aggravated assault on woman 
  • -unlawful confinement 
  • -mischief (destroy victim cell phone)
  • -breach of probation 

Crown Attorney Gordon Fillmore is on the line to prosecute & defence lawyer David Pierce is representing DESMOULIN 

There is a joint submission for Her Honour to consider. 


On June 22,2020 at 11pm, an intoxicated DESMOULIN was at a home in the 500 block of Fifth Street on the Pic Mobert Indian Reserve. There was a female in the home who he began calling a slut. 

The intoxicated DESMOULIN proceeded to punch the woman repeatedly in the face. He pinned her to the ground and knelt on her arms and continued striking her head and upper body. He also bit her on her chin and arm. 

The woman found an opportunity to try escape the home but DESMOULIN chased her outside the home and attacked her again. He forced her back into the home. She had several injuries including a collapsed lung. 

The woman’s Samsung cell phone was damaged by DESMOULIN. 

DESMOULIN held the woman against her will in the home for 3 days. On June 25,2020, he finally took too many pills and overdosed. The woman was able to get OPP assistance. DESMOULIN was flown by air ambulance to Thunder Bay Hospital to be treated for his overdose.  After recovering, he was criminally charged and denied bail due to his lengthy & recent record of violence. He was also on probation at the time for an aggravated assault on the same woman. 


DESMOULIN has spent 226 real days in custody which is enhanced to 339 days. The joint submission is for 21 months of custody. That leaves about 10 months left. DESMOULIN will be statutorily released in late September 2021. 

Gladue factors are that DESMOULIN is a band member of the Pic Mobert Indian Reserve and his parents did a poor job raising him. He has a history of violence against women. He was released from custody in May 2020 after an 15 month sentence for aggravated assault on that woman.  He had received a 2 year probation order. DESMOULIN has 2 children that aren’t in his custody and he’s unable to care for. 

Justice Oleksiw asks DESMOULIN if he has anything to say.  He states “I screw up a lot.”He then went on to try blame the victim for what happened. 

Her Honour accepts the joint submission of 21 months and tells DESMOULIN that Gladue factors and Covid spared him a much longer penitentiary sentence for this violent repeat crime.  

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