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Vice President Pence Endorses Jason Lewis for Senate

Vice President Pence Endorses Jason Lewis for Senate

on the Heels of New Polling

EGAN, MINNESOTA  ~~~~  July 28, 2020  (LSN)  U.S. Senate candidate Jason Lewis released the following statement announcing the endorsement of Vice President Mike Pence

“I am honored to have Vice President Mike Pence’s endorsement in our race for U.S. Senate. Office seekers are always saying the current election is the most important ever, but I truly believe 2020 will be pivotal both for Minnesota and America. The people of Minnesota have seen firsthand the destruction caused by Democrat policies. Our communities have been destroyed by rioters, our leaders openly promote socialism, and radicals in positions of power want to defund the police and shutter schools. 

All the while, Senator Tina Smith stays hunkered down in her basement raising special interest money—from Planned Parenthood to multinationals outsourcing Minnesota jobs to China. Minnesotans cannot afford any more of this—it’s time to elect people who will actually fight to preserve our way of life, our freedom, and the Constitution that protects both. 

Naturally, Tina Smith just endorsed Ilhan Omar and her radical agenda, but as Democrats continue to alienate Minnesotans of all political stripes with their plunge into lawlessness and socialism, Minnesota continues to be a key battleground state of 2020, including my race for Senate. Having only lost by just over one point in 2016, President Donald Trump has shown that statewide victory for Minnesota Republicans is within our grasp. New polling released yesterday even shows the race between President Trump and Joe Biden is within the margin of error.

The support our campaign continues to receive from the President and Vice President is beyond humbling, and I look forward to supporting them in the United States Senate just as I did in the House as a member of the 115th Congress.”





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Fifth COVID-19 Case Confirmed

Fifth COVID-19 Case Confirmed

Cook County, Minnesota

COOK COUNTY, MINNESOTA ~~~~   August 10, 2020 (LSN)  Cook County has received notice of its fifth COVID-19 case, a female in...
Cook County E-911 Addressing System

Cook County E-911 Addressing System

Cook County Emergency Management Director Mike Keyport

COOK COUNTRY, MINNESOTA August 7, 2020  (LSN)   The Office of Emergency Management manages the county-wide emergency 911...

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Is Your Grooming On Point?

Is Your Grooming On Point?

By: SpiritDog Training

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO ~~~~~  August 9 2020 (LSN)  Fall is just around the corner and with that comes something all dog owners...
Over $230 Million for Child Care

Over $230 Million for Child Care

Plan to Safely Reopen Child Care and Early Years Programs

TORONTO, ONTARIO ~~~~  August 7, 2020 (LSN)  The Ontario government, in partnership with the federal government, is providing...

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