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Time to Step up or Step Out

Time to Step up or Step Out

By: Vern Seymour

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO ~~~~~ November 15, 2020 (LSN)  The Silence is the most telling point in all of this issue. In the Tuesday November 10, 2020 issue of our local paper it reports that numerous calls to our Mayor, his Assistant and the person Citizens are told to direct their concerns about the pin hole leaks, the Manager of Compliance and Quality, seem to be falling on deaf ears.

. Now these people exist to serve the residents of the City of Thunder Bay, Administration Serves to the will of council, as stated many times by our City Manager, and Council Members asked for the Opportunity to Serve the Citizens which in essence are the City of Thunder Bay.

Since 2019 Residents have started to see an increasing and accumulating number of pin hole leaks which by some science may or may not be directly related to the addition of Sodium Hydroxide to the entire City water system in order to reduce Lead leaching from service lines. Now at some time in the past the City has collected a fee for building permits and inspection when these lead service lines had been installed so they have responsibility for that approval and also the decision for the addition of the NaOH to our water.

In January of this year the chemical addition was discontinued, well that could be a direct result of a knee jerk response or it could be because science actually backs the believed cause up. But the silence from the Elected Representatives of the Citizens on this issue speaks volumes as to where Council’s loyalty is. It has almost been a year since the chemical addition was stopped and the only increase in response has been an increasing level of silence.

Now Council, you asked for the, oft stated, privilege to represent your fellow citizens (all not just the select few) so I suggest it is time to “Step up or Step out”. At present the Corporation of the City of Thunder Bay has told residents to heat their home in part to protect the water meter their consumption is based on. But the Residents are told they are solely responsible for the line from the city boulevard the meter.

Well I suggest maybe while you are looking into the automating of city water meters you also consider relocating them to the demarcation line of the change of responsibility point the Corporation claims, no one else does.

And while you are at it replace the line from where you removed the meter within our homes to it’s new location problem solved in all homes in City. This was not an act of god resulting in a once in a lifetime flood. This was an inherent human action taken that needs to be owned up to or have the evidence to prove the effected citizens belief wrong. But increasing Silence is in no way an acceptable response from the Position you asked the City to invest in you.

Vern Seymour
Thunder Bay


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