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The sodium hydroxide fiasco: Well then lead us

The sodium hydroxide fiasco: Well then lead us

Don’t leave us hanging…

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ~~~~~  October 23, 2020 (LSN)  Homeowners flocked to Thunder Bay City Hall to object to the way the city corporation and Thunder Bay City council is handling the flurry of water pipe leaks the city is experiencing after its decision to introduce sodium hydroxide to the community’s potable water supply. 

Thunder Bay introduced sodium hydroxide to its drinking water to ameliorate the high level of lead concentrations thought to be the result of its aging infrastructure. Instead of replacing lead pipes, the corporation attempted to modify the chemistry of drinking water instead as a less expensive solution to a problem senior government mandates the municipality to address.  High lead concentrations are considered to be dangerous to health, and have been associated with a range of illness’s from high blood pressure and kidney damage to Alzheimer’s disease.

At the time, citizens petitioned the city in an attempt to prevent the modification of drinking water chemistry to address the problem, but officials waved off their concerns. When reports of pinhole leaks flooded into city hall, administration “suspended” the program. All of a sudden, excavation of front yards, once a very rare occurrence, is now more commonly seen as water service lines fail, and reports of pinhole leaks throughout homes are generated from every part of the city.

CITIZENS ABANDONED This video was taken in front of Thunder Bay City Hall where citizens blasted administrators and Thunder Bay City Council for their abandonment in the wake of the disastrous water leak and flooding issues in Thunder Bay residences. Connection failures and pinhole leaks occurred, residents believe, after the addition of Sodium Hydroxide to the water supply. Shortly after the city noticed an influx of reports of pinhole leaks in Thunder Bay residences, as well as water connection leaks to the mains. They halted the Sodium Hydroxide treatment, but the leaks continue. Winter freezing and snow is approaching. Plumbing contractors are overwhelmed. Citizens fear the worst.

As angry citizens call for accountability and compensation, the city remains mute. City council refuses to talk about the issue. Shelby Ch’ng, councillor for Northwood, has justified her silence by declaring a “conflict of interest’ because her house too is sprouting leaks. Eyebrows have been raised at that.

The city apparently denies all responsibility. Homeowners’ insurance generally does not cover replacement of pipes in the home, only the damage of resultant flooding. Service line failure requires additional coverage which many homeowners don’t have. It is such a rare occurrence, some insurers don’t even bring it up.

Many residents are complaining of overwhelming repair bills they have no idea how they will pay.

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