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TBay Health Unit Area the most Covid-19 case

TBay Health Unit Area the most Covid-19 case

in Northern Ontario

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO ~~~  July 14, 2020  (LSN) The Ontario government announced nearly all businesses and public spaces will reopen in Stage 3 Friday, July 17th,  Time to looks at how to protect our family

Ccvid-19 Across Northern Ontario

  • Thunder Bay District Health Unit Confimred Cases 92 Deaths 1
  • Timmins Porcupine Health Unit  Confimred Cases 68 Deceased 8 
  • Sudbury Public Health  Confimred Cases 67 Deceased 2
  • Northwestern Health Unit Confimred Cases 42 Deaths ?
  • Algoma Public Health Confimred Cases 25 Deceased 0 
  • Ontario  Confimred Cases 36,950 Deceased 2,723

Canadians who are looking to meet friends and family at a bar should consider the risk factors of contracting the coronavirus, deputy chief public health officer Dr. Howard Njoo said Tuesday.

More evidence is showing that the risk of contracting the coronavirus indoors is higher, and hanging out at a crowded bar with loud talking and touching surfaces may put you at higher risk, health officials warned.

Face coverings and face masks
The Ministry of Health state:
The best way to stop the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) is by staying home and avoiding close contact with others outside of your household.

It is recommended that you use a face covering (non-medical mask such as a cloth mask) to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 when physical distancing and keeping two-metres’ distance from others may be challenging or not possible, such as:

  • public transit
  • smaller grocery stores or pharmacies
  • when you are receiving essential services
  • Face coverings will not protect you from getting COVID-19.

Medical masks (surgical, medical procedure face masks and respirators like N95 masks) should be reserved for use by health care workers and first responders. 
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Which mask should I buy?
Masks are officially now mandatory at Thunder Bay Regional Hospital  
 But with new regulations also comes a range of masks consumers can choose from.

people who have close contact with COVID-19 patients, those who have jobs as front-line workers or even those who are around elderly people or those with a compromised immune system, it makes sense to get medical-grade masks.

buying masks starts with finding something that is layered.

Dr. Lynora M. Saxinger, an associate professor at the division of infectious diseases at the University of Alberta, agrees. She says besides finding a mask with layers, make sure there are filtering layers.

Health Canada noted that non-medical masks should be woven and you should never wear a mask made from plastic, non-breathable materials or tissues.

Appropriate use of non-medical mask or face covering
When worn properly, a person wearing a non-medical mask or face covering can reduce the spread of his or her own infectious respiratory droplets.

Non-medical face masks or face coverings Limitations
Homemade masks are not medical devices and are not regulated like medical masks and respirators:

  • they have not been tested to recognized standards
  • the fabrics are not the same as used in surgical masks or respirators
  • the edges are not designed to form a seal around the nose and mouth

  • in blocking virus particles that may be transmitted by coughing, sneezing or certain medical procedures.
  • They do not provide complete protection from virus particles because of a potential loose fit and the materials used.
  • Some commercially available masks have exhalation valves that make the mask more breathable for the person wearing it, but these valves also allow infectious respiratory droplets to spread outside the mask.

Masks with exhalation valves are not recommended, because they don't protect others from COVID-19 and don't limit the spread of the virus.

Pretty much every masks people wearing is A 1 TIME USE ONLY! IE: Going to see doctor you put on when enter building wear entire time inside BUT when leave you take off DISPOSE of safely and wash/sanitize your hands. See many REUSING masks which is WRONG unless you have one designed for multiple use AND have cleaned after each use.

If made MANDATORY to wear all the time its creating a false sense of security cuz really if someone wearing a mask continuously does get exposed they are transporting on mask everywhere.

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