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Senator Kevin Cramer & Jason Lewis Headline

Senator Kevin Cramer & Jason Lewis Headline

Moorhead Trump Victory Office Opening

MOORHEAD, MINNESOTA ~~~ June 29, 2020 (LSN) — U.S. Senate candidate Jason Lewis spoke at the Trump Victory office grand opening in Moorhead on Saturday, which the Jason Lewis for Senate campaign will also utilize to mobilize volunteers and connect with voters. North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer, MN-07 Congressional candidate Michelle Fischbach, and MNGOP Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan were also in attendance. 

“We are at an inflection point in Minnesota. The DFL’s radical plunge into lawlessness and socialism has alienated Minnesotans. When they aren’t imposing one-size-fits-all lockdowns, they are caving to a mob of anarchists. And folks in greater Minnesota have had enough. For decades, the DFL, including Senator Tina Smith, has taken their votes for granted. But as the Democrats’ failing policies continue to abandon farmers, business owners, and police officers, people are realizing they’ve been used, and they are ready for a change here in Greater Minnesota and all across our state,” Lewis said.

"Voters in the Seventh District may well determine who Minnesota’s next Senator is. And by the energy we are feeling on the ground, it is clear they are ready to have somebody in Washington who is looking out for them, not special interest groups backed by the urban elites in the Twin Cities. Clearly President Trump recognizes this as well, which is why he is opening campaign offices all across greater Minnesota, including here in Moorhead, an effort we are grateful to be joined at the hip with him on. We are in a battle to preserve our fundamental liberties, but with the strong support we have in the Seventh District and across greater Minnesota, we can turn Minnesota red!” Lewis concluded.

“Law and order matters. And I believe it will be the most defining issue here in Minnesota and other Democratic strongholds. Minnesota is big-time in play. It could be the difference this election. If Minnesota carries the day for Donald Trump and for Jason Lewis, it will be because the people of District 7 made it happen,” Cramer said.

Senator Kevin Cramer & Jason Lewis Headline Moorhead  Trump Victory Office Opening Lake Superior News


  • 29 June 2020
  • Author: James Brown
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