ATLOOKAN is criminally charged with: -robbery with knife ..." />
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Late February Bank Of Montreal Northwood Plaza

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ~~~~~~  May 13, 2021  (LSN)  Hardworking Thunder Bay Police Officers arrested a 34 year old APRIL ATLOOKAN last night, Thursday May 12,2021 for a knife point robbery that occurred in late February on a vulnerable woman at the Bank of Montreal on Edward Street North.


ATLOOKAN is criminally charged with:

  • -robbery with knife
  • -wearing disguise while committing crime

ATLOOKAN also has criminal charges from March 12,2021 when she drove a car into a concrete barrier near the Airlane Hotel and gave false names to TBPS Officers who investigated.

She was criminally charged with:

  • -impaired driving
  • -obstruct police.

ATLOOKAN was held overnight at Balmoral Police Station and appeared by video in Bail Court this morning, Thursday May 13,2021 before Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Lynn Tivey

Provincial Crown Attorney Natasha Jerome agreed to release ATLOOKAN on a $300 no deposit release order with conditions:

  • -do not attend Bank of Montreal at Northwood
  • -no contact with victim
  • -no weapons
  • -reside at her home in 100 block of Ravenwood Avenue

She was released with a future court date.

As per usual practice, the Director Of Communications at TBPS and his local taxpayer subsidized media buddies haven’t told the public about this. They all receive taxpayer dollars and do very little work for the money.

Suspect to ID - Armed Robbery
Suspect to ID - Armed Robbery

Tracy Message on Facebook 
Events of late have reinforced my belief that bad things happen so that there is more room for the blessings that are coming! Yes, I was robbed at knifepoint, but I am ok. My money was taken, but I have been reimbursed twice as much as was taken. My reading glasses were stolen. I have several pair of these Dollarama ones because I lose them. My change purse was taken, but not my ID box or bank & prepaid credit cards. This happened when my depression has waned. If this had happened LAST month.... Who knows how depressed I'd be, perhaps even suicidal. I now know not to use the ATM alone. I lost some independence, but I learned that I CAN fight back! I felt lonely most of the winter. I'm not alone. Friends have stepped up & showed support. I may have made new friends because of this. The woman who accosted me did this in a bank with plenty of cameras in a mall with cameras. The chances of her getting caught are very high. This will be a blessing for her. She will be given the help she needs & her children will be blessed by getting the help they need. God DOES work these things for the best. It's like dropping a chocolate egg. The shell cracked and the chocolate fell on the ground, but the toy inside was a jewel, instead of a cheap toy. Blessings, blessings, blessings.....


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