WAYNE GILBERDS stands approximately 5’7” tall and is morbidly obese. He has reddish gray hair and has difficulty walking. He’s dressed in a black sweater & track..." />
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This time for resisting arrest

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO     ~~~~~~~~  February 23, 2021   (LSN)  A 64 year old WAYNE GILBERDS appeared in Courtroom 103 today, Tuesday, February 23, 2021 before His Honour, Justice Peter Bishop for trial on his latest criminal charges

WAYNE GILBERDS stands approximately 5’7” tall and is morbidly obese. He has reddish gray hair and has difficulty walking. He’s dressed in a black sweater & track pants. 

His latest criminal charges are:

  • -causing a disturbance in a courtroom 
  • -resisting arrest 

Crown Attorney Tiffany Boisvert & Defence Attorney Karen Scullion are also present. 

Both attorneys agree that GILBERDS was present in court on the day the allegations were made, Thursday August 8,2019



The first witness to be called is hardworking Thunder Bay Police Officer Laura Cooper. She has been a TBPS Officer since 2009 & with OPP from 2003-2009. Her previous role was Child Abuse Investigation & currently works as Bail Safety Officer. She testifies that she was in Bail Court 104 on the morning of August 8,2019 when GILBERDS was present in the courtroom as a member of the public. He was wearing dark sunglasses & sleeping in court. He would not stand when court was called to session. He was given several warnings by Officer Cooper to follow courtroom protocol. GILBERDS then attempted to enter the lawyer’s area and tried to speak to Duty Counsel. He began interrupting court proceedings by speaking loudly at the presiding Justice of the Peace. 

An audio recording is introduced as evidence and GILBERDS can be heard swearing and causing a disturbance. He was asked to leave the courtroom. He refused & resisted. NAPS Officer Drewes assisted in escorting GILBERDS was attempting to hold onto the courtroom door. GILBERDS & Drewes fell in the vestibule area with GILBERDS resisting Officers attempts to handcuff him by holding his arms under his stomach face down. 

The second witness is hardworking Officer Carlie Drewes with Nishnawbe Aski Police Service (NAPS). She’s the Central Court Officer for the NAPS and has 12 years of service with them. She testifies that she was in the courtroom that morning dealing with some criminals from Webiquie when the disturbance began with GILBERDS. She assisted Officer Cooper by grabbing him by the arm attempting to escort him out  of courtroom when GILBERDS fell in the vestibule area and her leg became trapped under him. She testifies that GILBERDS was wearing a T-shirt that was too small for him and his stomach was hanging out. By this time, the Duress Alarm was sounded by Court Staff and more Officers were on the way. 

The third witness is hardworking Thunder Bay Police Officer Robert Neill.  He had 23 years of service and is currently assigned at the courthouse. He testifies  he arrived at 11:36am when Cooper & Drewes were in the vestibule area with GILBERDS on the ground.  He assisted by holding the legs of GILBERDS so an arrest could facilitated.  

The fourth witness is a hardworking TBPS employee, Brooke Bryan.  She is dressed well in civilian clothing as she now works in a different department at TBPS.  At the time of this incident, she was a Special Constable in uniform with TBPS at the courthouse for 3 years. 

She testifies that upon hearing the Duress Alarm sounded in Courtroom 104 that she responded quickly to the incident and found all the Officers on the ground with GILBERDS. She assisted NAPS Officer Drewes with getting her leg out from under GILBERDS and assisted in handcuffing him.  There were 2 sets of handcuffs used due to the size of him. GILBERDS was belligerent & rude making sexual remarks towards her.  GILBERDS told Bryan that “she had the whitest teeth he had ever cum across”.  Special Constable Bryan assisted Officer Neil with holding GILBERDS while they awaited a police car to come and transport GILBERDS. She recalls that he was wearing a gray t-shirt that day which was too small and his stomach was hanging out. GILBERDS had not expressed any need for medical attention during the  23 minutes that she was with him.  A marked cruiser picked up GILBERDS at 11:59 am. 


There is one witness, that is 64 year old WAYNE GILBERDS. He walks slowly to the stand and testifies that he came to court that day to watch bail proceedings as a member of the public. He has 4 grown children & several medical issues including: asthma, diabetes, sleep apnea, torn trachea, and a heart condition.  He receives daily visits from nurses who dress him and give him medication.  Also has three coronary stents after having two heart attacks & a stroke. He says he didn’t understand or hear what Officer Cooper was telling him that day and says he was grabbed by Officer Cooper. He began swearing because he didn’t know what was going on. He felt threatened & unwelcome that day. He says he was wearing his winter jacket that day and his t-shirt wasn’t gray. He also claims he wasn’t resisting arrest.

On cross examination by Crown Attorney Tiffany Boisvert, he’s confronted with the evidence that it was Officer Drewes who grabbed his arm.  GILBERDS conceded that if the Officer said that, then it must be true.  His memory is a bit hazy on the event and he testifies that TBPS brought him to the hospital after his arrest to ensure he was alright. He states he was on his medication that relieves his anxiety the day of the incident. He suggests that sometimes TBPS Officers disrespect him because of “his past” (presumably his sexual assault convictions on children). He states he doesn’t want “his past” blasted all over a television screen or anywhere else. 


Justice Peter Bishop has heard all the evidence and delivers his decision of GUILTY to causing a disturbance & resisting arrest. 


GILBERDS is a registered sex offender and has a 2 1/2 page long criminal record starting in 1977 with sexual assaults on children. His last conviction for sexual assaults was 1990 and his most recent criminal conviction was in 2015 for assault with intent & resisting arrest.  

A joint submission is presented to His Honour for a 12 month suspended sentence with probation. Terms of his probation are:

  • -keep the peace and be of good behaviour 
  • -attend anger management and mental health counseling 
  • -do not attend the Thunder Bay Courthouse unless fir personal court matters. 

Justice Peter Bishop accepts the joint submission and passes sentence on GILBERDS. 

Justice Bishop also orders GILBERDS to write letters of apology to the four police officers. 

GILBERDS lives in subsidized housing paying $140 monthly rent and receives just over $700 monthly in disability payments. The victim find surcharge is waived as it would create a financial hardship.  


GILBERDS has a history of sexual offences against children and has had numerous encounters with law enforcement throughout his adult life. He has been known to frequent Intercity mall and photograph or film young children.  He has even approached the children of off duty police officers out in public.  During the December 2015 riot at the Thunder Bay Jail, GILBERDS was in a jail cell by himself when the inmates took over. He defecated and urinated himself due to the fear of being delivered “jail justice” by inmates.  

WAYNE GILBERDS is the brother of another notorious pedophile, WESLEY GILBERDS. 

If you live near Rupert Street, keep an eye on your children with this man around. 

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