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NOMA Appreciative of NORDS Funding Announcement

NOMA Appreciative of NORDS Funding Announcement

NORTHERN,  ONTARIO ~~~~  November 25, 2021  (LSNews)  "This investment will help all municipalities in Northern Ontario and provide another revenue stream to help offset some of the costs associated with repairing and maintaining local infrastructure impacted by resource operations.” said President Landry.

The Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association Board was thankful for the opportunity to participate in the provincial government’s announcement yesterday in the City of Thunder Bay to share resource development revenues with municipalities in Northern Ontario.

MPP Greg Rickford (Kenora – Rainy River District) of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry, and Indigenous Affairs announced the new NORDS funding that will provide $15 million annually over the next five years for northern municipalities to support investments in municipal infrastructure projects.

"It is great to see the government listening to us and other municipalities and organizations that lobbied for resource revenue sharing. Resource development is an integral part of the provincial economy. However, this development also impacts municipal infrastructure and put additional strain on municipalities limited budgets. We are very appreciative that NOMA was included in the development process of NORDS to help ensure the needs of Northern municipalities were met. Minister Rickford and his staff were great to work with and responded to our input,” said President Landry.

NORDS is new funding that will complement current sources of funding and is not intended to replace existing funding from the province to municipalities. The ministry is launching the fund on December 7 and will distribute this year’s funding by March 2022. Municipalities will be able to submit a streamlined Project Information Form to ensure that projects meet program objectives.


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