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June 2021 Update on Thunder Bay Leaky Pipes

June 2021  Update on Thunder Bay Leaky Pipes

By Patsy Stadnyk

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ~~~~~~  June 22, 2021  (LSN)  We wanted to let you know that we (the lawyers and I) have taken various steps to advance the case, since many of those steps and related efforts taken by the lawyers are not obvious to you and would not be evident to the public.  Much of the information relating to what the lawyers are doing is privileged and thus we cannot publish or reveal it without risking waiving the privilege and exposing that information to the Defendant (our apologies for that legal technicality but there is not much we can do about it).

Without waiving any privilege, we can confirm that the claim was served and the City has retained its own counsel.  Our lawyers have had some contact with the City’s counsel.  We have been gathering, and continue to gather, evidence for the certification motion.  As you may know, a certification motion is our request that the action be authorized to proceed as a class proceeding.  We are moving through the evidence gathering process.  The evidence gathering phase can take some time in class actions, particularly when experts are involved.  Many class actions can take years to get to the certification motion stage.  We are working hard so that the certification motion in this case will not take years to be heard.  In fact, we are hoping to serve our certification motion material (various affidavits, etc) in the next month or two.   We hope to schedule the hearing of the certification motion for late this year or very early next year.  We know that you are experiencing problems now and would like this case to be heard as soon as possible.  We are working diligently with that in mind (although, as noted above, you may not see what the lawyers are doing).

In the interim, if you are having repairs done, we would ask that you let us know (so that we can provide some comments) and that you preserve any documents relating to the problems and repairs and as well preserve samples of any damaged pipes and take pictures of the pipes, areas in question and damage. Our lawyers can be reached in that regard at [email protected].   Rest assured, we are working.  ”

Thank you for your support 
By Patsy Stadnyk
The Thunder Bay Leaky Pipe Club
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Lake Superior Shipwreck Map - Historically accurate shipwreck posters, of Lake Superior,
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$21.95 USD Plus $15.00 USD Shipping 


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