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THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ~~~~~~~   June 3, 2021  (LSN)  A 25-year-old JOEY WESLEY appeared by video from the Thunder Bay Jail today, Thursday, June 3, 2021 in Plea Court before Her Honour, Justice Heather Pringle to plead guilty to several charges.

Provincial Crown Attorney Julie Lefebvre & Defence Attorney Tyler Woods have a joint submission for Her Honour to consider.

JOEY WESLEY will be pleading guilty to:

  • -assault with a weapon X 3
  • -fail to comply with an undertaking
  • -possession of a weapon dangerous to the public
  • -breach of release order
  • -theft under $5000


On July 15,2020 JOEY WESLEY attended the home of his girlfriend’s father located in the 0-100 block of Limbrick Street looking for his cheque. The father stated that he did not know where it was. WESLEY grabbed a claw hammer and swung at his girlfriend’s father, narrowly missing him. He then grabbed a screwdriver and threw it at him. The father was not injured. Hardworking TBPS Officers arrived to arrest and charge WESLEY. He was released on an undertaking.

On November 19,2020 JOEY WESLEY and his girlfriend QWAAY LOON were at the Walmart on Arthur Street stuffing DVD’s into a bag. They then left the store without paying. The Loss Prevention Officer tried to stop them, but QWAAY LOON pulled out a large kitchen knife out of the bag and handed it to JOEY WESLEY who then took a swing at the Loss Prevention Officer. The LPO used his jacket in a defensive position against the knife swing. Both LOON & WESLEY then hopped on bicycles to make their getaway. The whole incident was captured on video. Hardworking TBPS Officers were called and found them both near the corner of Arthur and the Expressway. LOON did not stop for police, but WESLEY was apprehended and had other warrants for his arrest at the time. He was arrested, charged and released by a Justice of the Peace.

On February 6,2021 JOEY WESLEY was with QWAAY LOON at the Walmart on Memorial Avenue stealing an RCA TV and other electronics. They were arrested & charged by Thunder Bay Police again and released by the courts once more.

On April 9,2021 JOEY WESLEY was in the Dollarama located in Northwood Mall at 5pm stealing toothpaste and batteries. Staff asked him to stop stealing and leave the store. WESLEY pulled out a toy handgun (battery powered) and threatened to beat all the staff. He left the store. The whole incident was captured on video. Thunder Bay Police were called and found WESLEY at 11:05pm. They also located the toy handgun. WESLEY was arrested, charged and denied bail.

JOEY WESLEY has been in custody since then for a total of 55 days. That will be enhanced to 83 days.


JOEY WESLEY is a band member of the Mishkeegogaming Indian Reserve (formerly known as Osnaburgh) He grew up in poverty. He is a fentanyl addict with a long criminal record starting in 2015 with theft. The majority of his criminal convictions are in Thunder Bay. The joint submission is for 18 months of custody minus the enhanced 83 days of time served. An additional 12 months of probation will also be added.

Defence Attorney Tyler Woods reminds the court that it’s a good thing that WESLEY wasn’t waving the toy handgun in front of TBPS Officers or WESLEY might not even be here today.

Justice Pringle accepts the joint submission and wishes WESLEY well. He’s ordered to stay away from the Walmarts and Dollarama.

As per usual practice, the Director of Communications at TBPS and his local taxpayer subsidized news never told the public about any of this.

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