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Lake Superior Regional News ~ Northwestern and Northeaster Ontario . From Kenora, Thunder Bay, Sault Ste Marie and Sudbury, Duluth, Marquette, Houghton, Keweenaw Peninsula, Upper Michigan, Sault Ste Marie, Cook Country, Minnesota. Wisconsin

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Fifth COVID-19 Case Confirmed

Fifth COVID-19 Case Confirmed

Cook County, Minnesota

COOK COUNTY, MINNESOTA ~~~~   August 10, 2020 (LSN)  Cook County has received notice of its fifth COVID-19 case, a female in...

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The 2020 Preliminary Levy and Next Steps

The 2020 Preliminary Levy and Next Steps

County Connections : Cook County Auditor-Treasurer

 #LSN_News #LSN_MNNews #LSN_ COOK COUNTY, MINNESOTA October 4, 2019  (LSN) The Cook County Budget Committee met on September 16 to do a...
Cook County Board

Cook County Board

Approves 2020 Property Tax Levy

COOK COUNTY, MINNESOTA  September 25, 2010   (LSN) The Cook County Board has approved the maximum property tax levy for 2020 at...
Recovery Court

Recovery Court

County Connections Cook County Public Health & Human Services

 #LSN_News #LSN_MNNews #LSN_ COOK COUNTY, MINNESOTA September 13, 2019  (LSN) The cycle of arrest, chemical use and probation makes the...

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