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BRUNNER is the name of one horse Chippewa Carousel

BRUNNER is the name of one horse Chippewa Carousel

Ava Walter of Nipigon Horse Contest winner

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  November 19, 2019  (LSN) The winner of the draw is Ava Walter of Nipigon” said Donna Gilhooly, Co-Chair of the Save the Carousel Committee, “and we couldn’t be more pleased with Ava and the enthusiasm she brings to this announcement.”  “Ava has had a lifelong love for horses and being selected to name one of the Carousel Horses has special meaning for her.” 

Throughout 2019, the Save Our Carousel Committee has been promoting a contest where the winner will be given an opportunity to name one of the 28 horses on the historic C.W. Parker Carousel located at Chippewa Park.  Hundreds of carousel enthusiasts participated and in September, the winner was drawn

 In accepting the naming opportunity Ava noted that, “On Friday the 13th of September, my cell phone rang with news that my name had been drawn to name a horse from the Chippewa Carousel.  I could hardly believe my ears, as I was overcome with emotion and I cried.  I pulled off the road to gather myself together.”  
She continued: “Since May, when I spent $20 on tickets to try to win this contest, I had compiled a list of 7 or 8 names.  But never having won any contest or lottery, I figured my chances were very slim but that the money was going to a great cause for the restoration of the horses & the Carousel.    
I have chosen the name ‘BRUNNER’. 
“Brunner was my grandmother’s maiden name when she emigrated from Austria with her parents in 1906.  Marie Brunner was an only child and her parents eventually ended up building a homestead in Dorion, Ontario.  When she married, she took the name of her husband as all women did in 
the 1900's and before.  That meant that the BRUNNER name was now obsolete.   By renaming the horse formerly known as 4B to the name of BRUNNER, we are reclaiming her maiden name for generations to come. This is a very proud moment for me” she concluded. 
“We are so pleased that Ava has another horse in her stable, one that will be around for many decades to come. Ava’s enthusiasm for the restoration makes her the ideal person to name one of the horses. Naming the horse after her beloved grandmother is especially moving. In its own way it honours the many settlers who came to Northwestern Ontario to make it their home." commented Bonnie McNulty, Co-Chair.   
The announcement was made at the Thunder Bay Museum and horse 4B now known as BRUNNER was in attendance. 

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The Iola Car Show

The Iola Car Show

Rally for Iola

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