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Tamarack Lake Outhouse Locked

Tamarack Lake Outhouse Locked

DNR Forcing people to used the bush as a washroom

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN  ~~  May 1, 2020  (LSN)  In this day of COVID causing so many issues ~ closing the rest stops and outhouses at public accesses is beginning to be an issue.  People are traveling and they need to stop.  Do the powers that be have any idea what kind of a mess this could turn in to?

Our lake has a DNR public access with ramp, dock, and an outhouse.   The ice just went out and that means the tribal people are going to be out usual.   If you are out in the cool weather at night for several hours, spearing under the spotlights, guess what happens when you get back to shore?  There were several boats spearing, here, last night.

 Tamarack Lake Sign  Lake Superior NewsJust shortly before the time for the ice to go out ~ the DNR came out and screwed the door shut on the outhouse.  It's the public spot on the lake where people stop.  There are private lots with summer cabins on either side.   If this continues, with the fishing opener coming up, what kind of a mess do you think we're going to have out there?   Have the people running this country completely lost their mind?

 All the rest stops between here and the various little towns are still closed, which they do for the winters.   It says "open again in Spring."   I have news for them, it's Spring.  People are out.

      On another issue ~ in some rest stops and stores ~ they are also closing the restrooms.   What are people thinking?   COVID 19 is respiratory, not intestinal.

      On the other side of the coin ~ people who do country things all the time ~ all know how to go out in the woods.  But, because of this ~ does that mean small public accesses should be made a mess so governmental entities can push us around and tell us what to do.  If it means a mess and possibly a health hazard ~ do we keep the outhouses closed?

     So, people of the public who go out and recreate ~ what do you think?  Should the outhouses  be kept locked until this whole COVID thing passes to keep you "safe from COVID?"

Closed outhouse Tamarack Lake Michigan  Lake Superior News

Or, shall the outhouses stay open and in working order so there isn't a mess and danger to human health because all of a sudden people have to "go in the woods" behind the outhouse instead.  You be the judge and let our "leaders" know.

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