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Farm Direct Minnesota

Farm Direct Minnesota

A Facebook Group To Connect Farmers And People

ST PAUL, MINNESOTA ~~~  June 2, 2020 (LSN)  People have asked why I start "Farm Direct Minnesota.“  My answer is simple; To Connect Farmers And People.People have asked why I start "Farm Direct Minnesota.“  My answer is simple; To Connect Farmers And People.

I was seeing all the news of the farmers having to plow under crops, and of the farmer in Idaho who took all his potatoes and dumped them into a field, TONS of potatoes.  But then he posted the location of his potatoes to his Facebook account and said that people should come and get them, and come they did. I do believe he got rid of them all!

There  was also the milk dumping in Wisconsin -  so, so sad.  I grew up in Wisconsin. Minnesota Farm Areas  Lake Superior NewsMy parents and their parents were farmers.  My aunts and uncles, farmers... I remember going to my Aunt Fran’s and dipping into the bulk tank to get out cream so we could take it home and my mom and sister Susan (Sue) and I would make butter.  I so loved that. I did not grow up on a farm, as my parents had already sold their farm when I was born, but my parent did raise chickens for food. And yup I helped butcher.  There is nothing like farm fresh chicken. 

With all those memories and seeing all this happening  I though "can I do anything"??? I have had facebook pages before and have an understanding of how they run and I am the administer of a number of sites, so this seemed to be right up my alley.  I wondered how I could get all these farmers and customers together. I did some research to see if there was anything else out there and I found Farm Direct Wisconsin. That site inspired me to go for it!

What did I hope to achieve when I first started this site?  As I said- Just to bring farmers/ranchers and those who would sell at a farmers market together with their customers and allow new customers a way to get food that they are struggling to get.  I hope Farm Direct Minnesota can leveling the playing field for farmers and consumers. 

The response so far has been overwhelming, but in a GREAT way!  As I write this we have had over 41,000+ people who have joined the page which only started May 5th!  We have 400+ farmers/ranchers/vendors- include CSA Farms, Farmers Markets, and Cottage Food Producers.   I have added two moderators to help me with the shear volume of people coming on the site and posting. I have had a wonderful designer Katie Kovatovich of  reach out out to me and do an amazing logo based on some of my ideas. 

A web page is currently in the works and I hope to have it up with  in the week!  Of course I could not do this with out the support of my husband Oskar Granquist; Granquist and Associates, LLC. Oskar works in infrastructure and economic development. 

With just a bit under a month under my belt-  I look forward to what the next month will bring.  Farm Direct Minnesota really restores my faith in humanity.

Sazzy Calhoun husband Oskar Granquist Lake Superior News

By Sazzy Calhoun




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