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Thunder Bay’s Leaky Pipe Problem, a film Documentary

Thunder Bay’s Leaky Pipe Problem, a film Documentary

by Torin Gunnell Digital

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ~~~~~  November 17, 2020 (LSN)  Thunder Bay’s Leaky Pipe Problem, a film Documentary by Torin Gunnell Digital was  released today. It’s a wonderful visual of what has been an ongoing situation in Thunder Bay for almost a year and reveals what residence are going through with the leaky pipes and broken service lines. It captures the emotion and the reality of what so many residents are still going through.  

The Documentary will be marketed online, through Face Book, Instagram and other digital channels so that thousands will see and appreciate the plight residents have been experiencing. Maybe it takes a real visual aid to get the response we are looking for from our Elected City Representatives.

I couldn’t be prouder of Torin Gunnell, a young Entrepreneur that took this task upon himself because a relative experienced the leaky pipes. He has accomplished a wonderful tool to project the seriousness and extensive damage to the infrastructure of Thunder Bay. 

We have been pleading with the City of Thunder Bay to provide information, assistance or just plain acknowledgement for months but we wait in vain. Their first priority should have been to their Constituents but we were left out on our own to muddle though flooding basements, sopping wet drywall, dripping ceilings and no water service! I don’t know where else in the Western world this would be acceptable!  

Good luck to you Torrin and thank you on behalf of all of us in Thunder Bay looking for answers, may your documentary reach far and wide and hopefully bring light to our plight.

By Patsy Stadnyk 

Thousands have been affected by leaky copper pipes within the City of Thunder Bay. In this video we speak directly to those affected by the leaks, and hear their stories as they navigate the challenges of repairs, maintenance and rebuilding what they have lost.

You can also view the video on YouTube, by clicking here:

hese are your ward Councillors 

Northwood Red River McIntyre Westfort Current River Neebing McKellar
171 114 97 37 43 43 25
Shelby Ch'ng Northwood Brian McKinnon Red River Ward Albert Aiello McIntyre Wasd Kristen Oliver Westfort Ward Andrew Foulds Current River Ward Brian Hamilton McKellar Ward

Shelby Ch'ng

Brian McKinnon

Albert Aiello

Kristen Oliver

Andrew Foulds

Cody Fraser

Brian Hamilton

Please go to

Photos from the The Thunder Bay Leaky Pipe Club Facebook Page 


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  • 17 November 2020
  • Author: Robert McKenzie
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