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Thunder Bay Museum hosting a traveling exhibit on the Holocaust

Event date: 4/6/2022 - 6/26/2022 Export event

Thunder Bay Museum hosting a traveling exhibit on the Holocaust

And in 1948, I came to Canada”: The Holocaust in Six Dates

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ~~~~  March 1, 2022 (LSNews) The Thunder Bay Museum would like to announce that we are hosting a traveling exhibit from the Montreal Holocaust Museum titled “And in 1948, I came to Canada”: The Holocaust in Six Dates.  The exhibit raises awareness about the genocide of the Jews by presenting its history and reflecting on the impacts of racism and discrimination in our society.  

.  It commemorates the victims of the Holocaust and honours the survivors who made Canada their new home.  The exhibit will be available to the public on the Museum’s second floor from April 6, 2022 until June 26, 2022. 

The Museum, in partnership with the Shaarey Shomayim Congregation of Thunder Bay has, developed a wide range of complimentary programming for patrons to partake in while the exhibit is in Thunder Bay.  The list of special events is below and preregistration and/or tickets for events can be found here:

  • 11 April – Exhibit Opening Reception - “And in 1948, I came to Canada”: The Holocaust in Six Dates
  • 27 April – Virtual Lecture - Dr. Valerie Hébert - 'Nothing is to be gained by creating an internal problem in an effort to meet an International one': Canada's Response to the Jewish Refugee Crisis
  • 10-12 May – Concert Series – A Song Rings Out: Lost Composers of the Holocaust
    • Chamber music concerts featuring works by Jewish composers impacted by the Holocaust.  These concerts are being arranged by Michelle Zapf-Belanger, Section Violinist with the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra. 
  • 19 May – Lecture - Mark Scharf - Child of Holocaust Survivors

There will also be programming available for the schools to partake in through field trips, virtual programs, and lesson plans. 

For more information on resources for educators contact Marissa Nieminen at [email protected]

The exhibition looks at the history of the Holocaust and the Second World War through six key dates, as well as Canada’s reaction to these events.

  • 1933 Nazi rise to power and anti-Jewish laws
  • 1939 Beginning of the war and creation of ghettos
  • 1941 Invasion of the USSR and mass murders by mobile killing units
  • 1942 Deportation to the death camps
  • 1943 Resistance

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