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TBay Chamber Indoor Sports Facility Community Engagement

TBay Chamber Indoor Sports Facility Community Engagement

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO ~~~  July 14, 2020  (LSN)  The City of Thunder Bay is inviting community feedback on the proposed Chapples multi-use indoor turf facility until July 19th with a report to be presented to Council on July 20th. The community engagement process that has been outlined to date provides a slide deck and virtual presentation about the physical features of the facility. The engagement platform does not provide any information relating to the final projected capital cost, operating costs, revenue and usage projections, or a business plan for the facility. As a vocal advocate for transparency and fiscal accountability from our governments, we are concerned with the absence of a publicly available financial and business plan to ensure that the community is fully informed about this significant and costly project as part of this engagement process.

As the current engagement process does not provide a public forum for questions to be raised and answered, we submit the following and ask that information be made publicly available to address these questions prior to the closure of the current community engagement process:

  • What is the business plan?
  • What is the financial breakdown of operating revenues and expenses?
  • What is the net operating impact to the City of Thunder Bay?
  • What are the schedules that inform user revenue projections regarding daily usage?
  • What information has been provided by the CEDC and Tourism Thunder Bay on the economic impact projections of this facility for our community?
  • Have any private partners such as local sporting groups committed to capital contributions? If so, are there any agreements relating to priority scheduling for funding partners?
  • Does the building design include loading doors of at least 14’ that allow trade show hosting capacity?
  • Does the plan include purchase of a solid floor to cover the turf for trade show events?
  • Does the building design include air conditioning?
  • What type of kitchen facilities are included for concession and catering?
  • Have the senior levels of government committed/approved funding contributions? If not and if there is a funding shortfall, what is the plan to finance this project?
  • What will the property tax implications be?
  • Will this facility compete with the private sector turf facility that is currently in progress?

In recent months, the City of Thunder Bay has hosted virtual townhall sessions to provide information and respond to concerns during the pandemic. We suggest that a virtual townhall session should be scheduled, with sufficient notice and promotion, to allow the above and other questions to be brought forward by the community and answered in a public forum.

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Northeastern Ontario (Sault Ste Marie, Sudbury, North Bay)

Safe Reopening of Ontario Schools in September

Safe Reopening of Ontario Schools in September

Medical masks will be given to teachers and staff and made available for students

TORONTO, ONTARIO ~~~~  July 30,c 2020  (LSN)  The Ontario government is announcing the safe reopening of schools for in-class...
Important message for parents and caregivers

Important message for parents and caregivers

Greater Sudbury Police Service Internet Child Exploitation Unit

SUDBURY, ONTARIO ~~~~  July 29, 2020  (LSN)  Detective Sergeant Blair Ramsay of our Internet Child Exploitation Unit has an...

Northwestern Ontairo Kenora, Dryden Thunder Bay, Terrace Bay, Marathon

Turf Facility

Turf Facility

Letter to Editor Shane Judge

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ~~~~ August 5, 2020  (LSN) Does it make sense for the city of Thunder Bay to go ahead with a $42 million...

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