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Family Fest 101 Lottery Announced

Family Fest 101 Lottery Announced

Friends of Chippewa Park have launched a new 50/50 draw

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ~~~~~~   May 12, 2022  (LSNews)   Following on the heels of their successful Catch the Chippewa Ace lottery, The Friends of Chippewa Park have launched a new 50/50 draw with the profits going to support Family Fest 101 to be held at the park 

The 50/50 draw will be held at noon on the last Wednesday of each month starting on May 25.

“While there will only be 15 days to purchase tickets for the first draw, subsequent draw tickets will be available for a full month” indicated Iain Angus, Project Manager for The Friends of Chippewa Park.

Lottery tickets can only be purchased online at with a range of prices from 5 tickets for $10 to 200 tickets for $80.

“Proceeds will be directed to the entertainers engaged to perform at Family Fest 101 which will run from July 28 to August 1’ noted Angus.

Friends of Chippewa Park 50/50 (



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