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Citizen Across the City Fighting to Save Dease Pool

Citizen Across the City Fighting to Save Dease Pool

Rally for Dease Pool at City Hall 6 to 6:30 Monday Jan 21st

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO, January 20, 2019  (LSN) Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dease Pool. I was born in 1912 in Fort William, Ontario. I am re-applying for the position of 'Life Coach' in my neighbourhood, McKellar Ward, Thunder Bay. I have had the privilege of performing this job for almost 106 years and I feel my history speaks for itself. Children, youth, adults, and the elderly have benefited from my expertise. I have taught important life skills such as swimming, socializing and healthy outdoor play and exercise. 

 I have provided low-impact exercises for people with disabilities while minimizing stress on their joints. I have provided my neighbourhood a safe and stimulating place for healthy family fun. In my 106 years

I have not discriminated, I have welcomed all of you. I feel I have at least another 100 years to offer my community, with your assistance. I am applying to get re-fitted, renewed and revitalized so that I can update my skill-set and continue to provide valuable life lessons and memories for future generations. I feel it is of the utmost importance that I remain in the same location.

I am listed as a Heritage Site situated next to Dease Park and I am one block away from Thunder Bay Fire Rescue (how much safer could it be to learn to swim?) and two blocks away from McKellar Park School. My people skills are impeccable. Throughout the decades I have trained and entertained thousands of people utilizing my various skills. I feel I am the most qualified pool for this neighbourhood and I look forward to coaching thousands more.

Yours faithfully, Dease Pool- ‘There’s No Pool like an Old Pool’.
Maureen Woodcock/constituent/McKellar Ward

By Maureen Woodcock





According to Kateri Banning,  Andrew Foulds was the only Member of Council who vote not to close the Pool
The Ward Councillor Brian Hamilton Vote to Close the pool in the ward he represents

Ribbon Cutting to Open Dease Pool   Lake Superior News
Ribbon Cutting of the Opening of Dease Pool


Did you know An example of the Board of Education's involvement in recreation services is the opening of Dease Pool. The Fort William Board of Education approached City Council in 1909 to recommend that instructional swimming be included in the education curriculum to help reduce the number of drowning accidents.

At the river near bye As a result, a Public Bath Committee was established to investigate the problem, and within two years Dease Pool was constructed and opened to the public. The Parks Section of the Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for the development, operation, and maintenance so now today’s age closing the pool will only put the risks of kids going back to the past of the river near bye that’s why this pool was kept this long i honestly think city officials should re think about this Situation or come up with something positive of this historical pool

By Don JR Forneri

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