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Thunder Bay Chuch Bell to ring in support of Ukraine

Thunder Bay Chuch Bell to ring in support of Ukraine

This Sunday 11 a m

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO   ~~~~~   March 11, 2022  (LSNews)   Church bells will ring out this Sunday across Thunder Bay in support of Ukraine.

The city’s Christian community has come together to ring bells for at least one minute at beginning at 11 a.m on Sunday.

It’s part of a world-wide effort by Christian communities to demonstrate solidarity with Ukrainian people under attack by the Russian army.

Churches are expected to organize their Sunday services so that the bell ringing will take in unison across the city.

The initiative began at the urging of city resident, Larysa Turko who grew up in Dnipro, a city of about one million people in eastern Ukraine.

Turko has family in Ukraine who have fled for their lives to Poland.

She wants to record and post the sound of the bells ringing on her social media page so that people back home will know that Canadians are thinking of them.

“I’m also hoping that starting with Thunder Bay, the idea of ringing church bells will spread across all of Canada as a symbol of solidarity with Ukraine,” says Turko.

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