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Help Prevent Spreading Invasive Species

Help Prevent Spreading Invasive Species

It's Invasive Species Week!

MADISON, WISCONSIN   March 6, 2022  (LSNews)  Invasive plants, animals and pests are taking a toll on Wisconsin's lakes, rivers and landscapes. They can cause environmental or economic harm and have been introduced in various ways, often unintentionally.

In fact, the annual U.S. cost from invasive species is $120 billion, with a minimum of 100 million acres being affected (roughly the size of California).

The good news? You can help!

Gardeners and other plant enthusiasts can help protect our natural places by being on the lookout for potentially invasive plants. As you order and purchase plants this spring, please check plant names (common and scientific) with our list of regulated invasive plants.

Learn more about invasive species in Wisconsin and how you can help slow the spread.


Can you tell which plant is an invasive species? Pictured left is yellow iris (Iris pseudacorus), a regulated, nonnative plant that can overtake shorelines and wetlands. On the right is blue flag iris (Iris versicolor), a native plant and excellent habitat builder. / Photo Credit: Paul Skawinski

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