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Public Education Sessions on Roundabouts

Public Education Sessions on Roundabouts City of Thunder Bay    Lake Superior News

THUNDER BAY, Ontario  —  January 11, 2019  (LSN) The City of Thunder Bay is hosting two Public Education Sessions regarding roundabouts in Thunder Bay. The Session will outline how to use a roundabout, the benefits of roundabouts and give citizens an opportunity to ask questions, share their views and provide comments.                                            

A roundabout is a circular intersection designed to maximize safety, minimize delay and decrease fuel consumption. There are no traffic lights or stop signs at a roundabout.


Dependent on City Council's approval, a new single-lane roundabout will be built at the intersection of Victoria Avenue East and Ford Street South. The location was chosen by the Engineering & Operations Division and is supported by the City's Transportation Master Plan. Once the roundabout is in place, traffic lights at the intersection of Lillie Street and Victoria Avenue East will be removed, Lillie Street will become a one-way northbound street, and a pedestrian crossover will be installed at the west side of the roundabout.


Interested members of the public are encouraged to attend one of the Sessions:


Roundabout Public Education Session #1

Tuesday, Jan. 15

Salvation Army Community Church

2621 Victoria Avenue East

4 – 7 pm (presentation at 5 pm)


Roundabout Public Education Session #2

Wednesday, Jan. 16

Mariner’s Hall

2201 Sleeping Giant Parkway

4 – 7 pm (presentation at 5 pm)

  • February 2019 - City Council approves project
  • Spring 2019 - Construction begins
  • Fall 2019 - Roundabout opens


If City Council approves the proposed roundabout on Victoria and Ford, construction would begin in the spring and it would tentatively open in the fall.


For more information, visit:



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