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Why Were Rail Blockades Allowed To Go On For Weeks

Why Were Rail Blockades Allowed To Go On For Weeks

While Adamson BBQ Gets Such A Massive Show Of Government Force?

TORONTO, ONTARIO  ~~~~~ November 27, 2020  (LSN) While Adamson BBQ Gets Such A Massive Show Of Government Force?  For weeks, Canada’s economy was at risk of being held hostage by illegal blockades of railroads.  Kenora, Rainy River, Dryden, Thunder Bay, Terrace Bay Marathon, Sault Ste Marie, Sudbury, North Bay, Ontario

Those blockades were in clear violation of court orders, and more importantly, they put a large portion of the country at risk.

Yet, the response was far weaker than many expected.

The blockades were allowed to continue for weeks, with authorities often just standing around, or even actively blocking people who tried taking down the blockades themselves.

The politicians claimed they had no control over enforcement of the law, yet after weeks of inaction, they finally ended the blockades just days after Justin Trudeau said ‘enough is enough.’

But now, we are watching as a massive amount of police resources are devoted to shutting down Adamson BBQ.

The police snuck in overnight, changed the locks, surrounded the building in a huge show of force, brought in police on horseback, and arrested the owner.

The question many have as we watch this is why such a disparity in response?

Why was the response to illegal rail blockades so weak, while the response to one guy trying to keep his small business open is so aggressive?

What we are seeing is the politicization of law enforcement, with the rules only applied to those the politicians want to see punished.

As you can imagine, that is very dangerous for Canada, as it moves us further toward what we see in anti-democratic authoritarian states.

If people continue losing confidence in how the law is enforced, we will see more division and destabilization in this country, and our rights will be eroded more and more until things aren’t recognizable here any more.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter (Joe Warmington)


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Spencer Fernando  Lake Superior NewsSpencer Fernando   
Spencer Fernando is based in Winnipeg





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