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Toronto Doctor and Doug Ford express concern

Toronto Doctor and Doug Ford express concern

About lack of Social Distancing in Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto

TORONTO, ONTARIO,  May 24, 2020  (LSN)  A doctor has made an emotional plea after thousands of people flooded a Toronto park on Saturday, apparently flouting physical distancing rules in place to stem the spread of COVID-19.

Today in his daily media video, Premier Doug Frood expressed concern about the lack of Social Distancing by of thousands of people crowding Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto on Saturday.

Expressing the concern that they could acquire Covid-19 and give it to their parents, or grandparents who could be seriously affected by  COVID=19\

In a video posted to Twitter on Saturday, Abdu Sharkawy a Toronto-area infectious diseases specialist, urged Canadians to consider the risks their actions can pose for others, saying “everyone is in this together.”

“Every single one of us is responsible for each other, it doesn’t matter whether it says doctor before your name or not,” he said.

Sharkawy said he felt “hurt” to see people ignoring the physical distancing rules.

“I’m really saddened when I see that because I wonder if those people know the sacrifices people like myself or my colleagues in the emergency room and the ICU are making to allow you to have the freedom to spend your day out in the sun, in parks and on lake shore properties, and on cafe sidewalks.”

with content from Global News. 

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