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Severe Weather Risk for Northern Minnesota

Severe Weather Risk for Northern Minnesota

MnDOT asks public to use caution on Hwy 11 bypasses near Rainy Lake

KOOCHICHING, COUNTY, COOK COUNTY ~~~~~~~   May 30, 2-222 (LSNews)  the Koochiching County Emergency Operations Center is closely monitoring weather round-the-clock. The updated severe weather warnings and additional precipitation is not a good thing for the community which is already struggling with historic flooding and increasing water levels across the area.

Severe weather has the potential to cause additional damage, as well as compromising sandbag walls which are holding back a significant amount of water. This poses risk for flash flooding along with already rising water levels. If lightning is present that greatly impacts sandbag filling and delivery to residents already in need; as we cannot safely operate machinery in the lightning.


Protecting life-safety and our limited resources needed for community response is critical. Whenever lightning is not present, crews will be filing sandbags at the Kerry Park and satellite sandbagging locations, including the new site opened today at Voyageur Way.  Koochiching County Emergency Operations Center is closely monitoring conditions and will respond accordingly as efficiently as possible. Depending on the weather behavior, there may be additional road closures and evacuations if conditions warrant. The road closures enacted today for Co Rd. 117 impacted 12 homes and the Sportsmen's Dock, and also closed UT 446 and UT 269. 

We encourage residents to have an emergency go-kit prepared and ready to go in the event additional evacuations with these storms are necessary. Following is a helpful checklist of what to have prepared ahead of time. If you receive an emergency alert for evacuation due to flash flooding or levy breeched, DO NOT ignore these notifications- take your go-kit or only the essentials if you haven’t prepared one, and get out immediately.









Do not drive or walk into flooded areas. It only takes 6” of water to knock you of your feet, 12” of fast moving water can carry away a car and 18-24” of fast-moving water can carry away SUV’s, vans and trucks. 


Koochiching County will issue updates if conditions change and as more information becomes available. 


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