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Red Rock sits humbly on the shores of Lake Superior

Red Rock sits humbly on the shores of Lake Superior

RED ROCK, ONTARIO  ~~~~  August 5, 2020 (LSN)  Centred in the valley of mountains, the township of Red Rock sits humbly on the shores of Lake Superior, and is known for its superb sunrises over the lake. To say the town is small is an understatement. With the population under 1000, it is safe to say it is a tight knit community. The gentle calmness of the town quickly struck a chord with me, and I felt the slowness of life set in. Immediately we noticed the large red cliffs just off the highway west of Nipigon, which is where Red Rock got its name.

Red Rock Inn
We stayed at the Red Rock Inn, a tourism highlight of the town. The quaint Victorian inn had stellar views of Lake Superior from all angles, and a seaside charm that was beyond inviting. We soon realized we might be the only guests of the inn when pulled into the gravel driveway. 

We were greeted with attentive hospitality by the owner Don. He gave us a tour of the large residence, and the history that has passed through the walls since it was built in 1937. We were told that bands and artists by the likes of Neil Young had played in the dining hall while  touring across Canada. Although the inn resembles The Shining, and also includes what Don likes to call “the 13th floor”, it is as cute and homey as the pictures. 

Finally, Don brought us down to the basement bar. The retro lighting, carpeting and cigarette machine took us back to the 1950s when this place was roaring with people from all walks of life. We settled into the town as if we had lived there for years. The peaceful quiet never broke and I began to like the steady breeze and symphony of birds chirping.

Wilson Falls Lake Superior News

“Wilson Falls”

Don drew us a map to find a local spot called Wilson Falls. He scribbled some words on a cue card and told us “you can’t miss it,”. With only a few words on a piece of paper and a general direction, we headed out to find Wilson Falls. We headed south on the Trans Canada Highway past Ozone Creek and we found ourselves on a dirt about 17 km into the woods. We became weary as we lost service and couldn’t not locate the hidden trail to the falls. We decided to get out of the car and listen for them. We soon found a tiny trail that led to a secluded fast flowing waterfall. We looked around and quickly realized there was no one else in sight, only some chipmunks to keep us company. The water was as warm as a bath and the large black rocks created a lovely spot to lay in the sun. We left feeling like we had just found a little slice of heaven, in the middle of nowhere. 



                Our stay in Red Rock was just what we needed after camping for five days. The amazing hospitality by Don, the owner of the inn, made our stay feel serendipitous. As I was leaving the inn, I had noticed a world map filled with tacks from prior guests. Travellers from across the globe have come and enjoyed Red Rock’s natural beauty and the town’s friendly atmosphere. When I was planning this trip, Red Rock was just a rest stop for us, and I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy it. I am grateful we had the opportunity to experience it. Our next stop is Neys Provincial Park. Bye for now. 



By Chelsey Devito
Carleton University Bachelor of Journalism 




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Chelsey Devito is a young journalist, content creator and producer. Her experience expands through print, radio, television and film. With her strong sense of vision and creativity, she hopes her work will ignite change through the media to inspire others to follow her lead. You can find more of her work here:



  • 5 August 2020
  • Author: Chelsey Devito
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