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Killarney Provincial Park was charming beyond words

Killarney Provincial Park was charming beyond words

Heading to Lake Superior today

KILLARNEY, ONTARIO  ~~~~ July 28, 2020 (LSN)  Our two night stay at Killarney Provincial Park was charming beyond words. The pure natural beauty of the landscape and campsites fulfilled all of our expectations. The water was especially pristine and perfect for swimming. The quaint but energetic park provided excellent opportunity for adventure and gratitude.

The Killarney wilderness is as rugged as the road driving into the park. The park is surrounded by the La Croche Range, which is entirely made of Canadian shield and white quartzite. Peeking up into the sky, the white rocky mountains sit humbly on a collection of lakes surrounded by trees. As we arrived off of Hwy 69, we immediately lost service as we headed deep into Killarney Provincial Park. Before we headed to our campsite, we visited The Crack trail, about 7 km east from the park entrance. 

The Crack

“The Crack” got its name from its infamous crack-like formation on the top of the mountain, creating a narrow passage for hikers. We began the hike bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and soon realized it would be an uphill battle most of the way. As we climbed the exterior of the jagged mountain, the views began to present themselves to us, and we could see the vast woods of Killarney Provincial Park. As we climbed further up the mountain, at this point on all fours, we were conscious of our footing, as one wrong step might cause ourselves an injury. We shuffled through the narrow crack at the climax of the mountain and reached the top. We gazed out at the immense beauty of the rolling white quartzite and Canadian Shield mountains that gently sat on the clusters of lakes below. The La Croche Range seemed to go on for miles in the horizon. The wind finally caught up with us and it had all seemed worth it as we stood atop the mountain. The way back down the mountain was a series of careful movements and high focus as to not miss an inch of rock below. The 6km hike took us about three hours to complete fully, with the majority of the time taken at the final incline of the mountain. 

Chelsey Devito  Killarney Provincial Park Lake Superior News

George Lake Campground

Our campsite was nestled in George Lake Campground, which provides drive in camping. We were settled just two minutes from George Lake, where there is a public beach that overlooks the La Croche Mountains and Pine trees that seemingly never cease past our horizon. The campground was brimming with all walks of life from families to young friends like us. The campground is significantly inhabited by chipmunks, red squirrels, and some very cute but nervy racoons. Although it rained for most of the first night, our tarp managed to keep us almost fully dry. The humid haze lingered in the campsite for most of our stay, yet the beach at George Lake gave great solace to us when we needed to cool off. 

The next day we rented a three person canoe from Killarney Outfitters for a full day. We launched from a small bay on George Lake which quickly opens to a large body of water cuddled by mountains on each side. There are several campsites on George Lake as well as cliff jumping rocks. The wind tore through the lake and water began to get choppy forming small whitecaps. However the water was still warm enough to swim, and made the intense paddling seem worth it. We took the canoe out for a second time at dusk to watch the sunset behind the mountains. 


By Chelsey Devito



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  • 28 July 2020
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