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Is Your Grooming On Point?

Is Your Grooming On Point?

By: SpiritDog Training

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO ~~~~~  August 9 2020 (LSN)  Fall is just around the corner and with that comes something all dog owners dread: Shedding!

Unless you call a Poodle, Doodle or similar non-shedding breed your own, you will soon find handfuls of hair everywhere in your house.

The good news is - heavy shedding and constant hair on the floor is not a necessary part of pet ownership. By making sure your dog’s grooming routine is up-to-date, you will save yourself a lot of cleaning up, and increase your dog’s wellbeing at the same time!


Most dogs require a bath and blowdry during the shedding season. The blowdry is not just for optics, but a really important aspect of getting rid of the old, dead hair. By using warm air you will literally blow out the undercoat. By the way - this is where the term “a dog blows its coat” comes from.

If you do not want to do this at home, taking your dog to a professional groomer is a worthwhile investment. Some heavy-coated breeds require a bath and blowdry monthly year-around. Other breeds only need it in the spring and fall.

Brushing at home is very important as well. Most dogs need brushing about once to twice a week. By keeping on top of it, you will be able to get out a lot of the undercoat before it accumulates in the corners of your house.

Grooming is not only a cosmetic procedure. Dogs that do not receive proper bathing and brushing can develop skin and coat conditions such as heavy matting, hot spots or rashes.

If hair on the floor makes your life miserable - there’s something you can do about it! Whether you decide for a professional groomer or groom your dog at home with YouTube videos, everyone will be happier with a consistent coat care regimen.

Hug your dog from me!

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Happy Training!
Steffi Trott

#LSN_CircleTour  #LSN_DogTraining 

Spirit Dog Training   Lake Superior News I am a dog trainer based in Albuquerque, NM. I strive to bring fresh approaches and positive methods to training that will let you and your dog enjoy training. I want owners and dogs to develop a relationship and be team mates.

  • 9 August 2020
  • Author: Steffi Trott
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