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Get Ready To Fish!

Get Ready To Fish!

May 1 marks opening day in Wisconsin

MADISON, WISCONSIN  ~~~~~~  April 23, 2021  (LSN)  May 1 marks opening day for many Wisconsin fishing seasons!

Our state's unique mix of lakes, streams and rivers combined with easy fishing access and the potential for large fish make it one of the top fishing destinations in the nation.

Share the water, take someone fishing and make memories one fish at a time. 

Share the water, take someone fishing and make memories one fish at a time. 

In general, the first Saturday in May marks the traditional start of the fishing season — that’s just around the corner on May 1 this year. Let’s talk about what you’ll need to get ready to go fish.

To someone with limited or no experience, getting started with fishing might seem overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. All it takes are a few easy steps.

First, determine whether you need a fishing license. In Wisconsin, anglers ages 15 and under are not required to have a fishing license. For first time buyers between the ages of 16 and 64, a license costs just $5. After the first license purchase, resident fishing licenses cost $20 annually.

Check the DNR website for details and to buy a license —

If you’d rather try before you buy, you can do that, too: June 5-6 is Free Fishing Weekend this year, with no license required to fish on state waters.

Second, determine the fishing gear you’ll need. This really depends on what species of fish you’ll be pursuing, but it’s probably best to start off simple, especially if you’ll be fishing with children.

You can get started with relatively inexpensive gear to pursue some of the state’s more abundant and aggressive fish species. That includes those in the sunfish family such as bluegill and pumpkinseed. See the graphic on Page 26 for more on basic gear.

As you hone your skills with practice and experience, there’s plenty of gear for upgrading, as well as more challenging fish species to pursue.

Bait can also be simple. A good all-around bait is a worm or nightcrawler, as many of  Wisconsin’s fish species love to eat them.

You can even find your own bait and make that part of the fishing adventure — searching for nightcrawlers at night after a warm rain was always fun when I was a kid! Or try minnows, leeches and a variety of other natural bait, plus any number of artificial varieties.

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