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Mother Not happy with her children having to possibly show proof of Covid Vaccine
Robert McKenzie
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Mother Not happy with her children having to possibly show proof of Covid Vaccine

to get into hospitals, schools, various events and other facilities

TORONTO, ONTARIO ~~~~~  December 5, 2020 (LSN)  Seriously our Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health, David Williams on CTV News just said in order to get into possibly hospitals, schools, various events and other facilities we will more than likely have to show proof of COVID vaccine. 

My children are currently up to date on all their ‘suggested’ vaccines. We will stand six feet apart, we will wear masks and we will respect that this is a serious situation that will cycle through our populations BUT I will NOT put a vaccine tested on a maximum of 'thousands' of people, for a few months into the people I love. HOW DARE this democratic country even suggest such a thing. HOW DARE you ask me to choose between work, school, medical care AND vaccinating with a vaccine months old. And I suppose I will be black listed as a business? We could already have immunity. We could have already had it like so many AND this government is going to make me put something dead and just created into my body and my children's bodies!? Do this to me and my family and I will be out on your steps demanding my personal rights. Oh we 'don't have to' get the vaccine he said but essentially you just said my children may be barred from school, I could be barred from events and making money because I will not agree to putting a vaccine that is months old for a virus that isn't even a year old into their young bodies. SHAME on this government. SHAME on these institutions for using virus behaviour as a way to bar Canadians from what is supposed to be their rights as citizens. Polio is over decades old. The vaccine is over decades old prior to me vaccinating my children. 

An excerpt from the development of the polio vaccine:

“For 15 years a portion of the dimes and dollars collected in the annual “Mothers’ March” had been devoted to research: epidemiological studies of poliomyelitis, identification and classification of the three strains of the virus, development of practical culture methods. These projects had strong support among scientists, but for the foundation’s staff and volunteers they were necessary stepping stones to the development of an effective vaccine.4 Salk’s work seemed promising to O’Connor, and to Thomas Rivers, the dean of the foundation’s scientific advisers. The children had shown no ill effects and the levels of polio antibodies in their blood had risen. Almost immediately, O’Connor and Rivers began planning for a major field trial.”

I have only vaccinated with vaccines that are what I deemed as being thoroughly thought out and we can trust. This is a travesty. This is wrong. 

The WHO already advised against immunity passports due to inherent humanitarian concerns, so why is Canada’s top doctor championing this idea is his LIVE debrief on December 3rd, 2020. 

This is the type of divisive regulation that divides family, community and creates tiered societies. It also creates war. I WILL NOT support anything that states people must carry their identity immunity passport of a forced vaccine in order to access education, medical services or venues. It’s wrong period. We live in a free society assuming that comes with some threat in exchange for greater personal autonomy. A forced vaccine attacks the epitome of our constitution and is has severe ethical violations. Even if this was our government testing the waters, that is a terrifying concern in itself. 

With that type of public rhetoric should we now expect someone at our door? That is what this is hands down.

Michelle Rosetta Hamer
Formally from Thunder Bay, Ontario 

Here is a link to a CBC Opinion story 
Why Canadians should fight tooth and nail against proof-of-immunity cards

Here is a letter she sent her Liberal MP


Dear Mr. Bruce Stanton, M.P.,

I hope this finds you well and healthy. I am writing as a concerned constituent and Canadian citizen in regards to the announcement of proposed COVID vaccine passports as stated by the Chief Medical Officer David Williams in his LIVE December 3rd, 2020 briefing. He stated that although we 'don't have to' get said vaccines on this upcoming roll out campaign, that we will make this choice in light of being barred most likely from schools, hospitals, events and various venues should we choose not to get one. We can see the direct issue and human rights concerns with this scenario given that if we do not take the untested 'recommended' vaccine, we will be refused service of life sustaining necessities that I do believe are our rights as Canadian citizens under the constitution. 

My children are currently up to date on all their ‘suggested’ vaccines. We will stand six feet apart, we will wear masks and we will respect that this is a serious situation that will cycle through our populations BUT I will NOT put a vaccine tested on a maximum of 'thousands' of people, for a few months into the people I love. I do believe this virus is real. I do believe we are required to make some momentary lifestyle changes. However, scientifically, logistically and historically, I can say I am not comfortable given our big pharma's often failed track record at the expense of the harm and lethal repercussions of large groups of citizens, including Johnson and Johnson who has now announced will put a vaccine into the running, to truly do their due diligence of safety over the economical benefit of supplying a vaccine. I also do not receive nor do my children receive the 'voluntary' flu shot, and I can say I have been a parent for over 22 years and we have all managed life quite well with few sick days. 

How is it at all ethical to demand a citizen to get a vaccine that is not even months old, has only been tested on a maximum of 'thousands' of people for a virus that is not even a year old on this planet, in order to access education, medical services and other life sustaining activities? Under the Chief Medical Officers address it would appear even myself as small business owner may be barred from economically providing for my family. I am very apologetic to cause a problem with this roll out plan but even outside of a maternal emotional stand point this would seem to be in direct violation of our constitutional rights, it has severe ethical concerns and would possibly be a good candidate for a human rights tribunal (among other court proceedings) submission. 

I live in a constitutionally 'free' country with the understanding that I assume some personal risk in order to enjoy greater autonomy over my personal body and lifestyle choices. What is being proposed does not seem to embrace these ideals nor does it seem to uphold the Canadian constitution. I am not as fearful of a virus as I am of losing these very valuable rights as a Canadian citizen. I questioned our Simcoe School Board whether a vaccine will be demanded for our children if returning to the class when they sent out the email stating our children will be taught by a teacher who will what I can say is inhumanely subjected to teaching both in class and online class students simultaneously and that should our children not be in class they may miss out on valuable in class activities. My son is learning from home right now because he is not physically able to sit stationary at a desk for the amount of time that is required due to COVID restrictions, which I am entirely in support of, it simply is not feasible for him to successfully do due to his learning challenges. He is actually excelling online right now and the change in the structure is going to be a severe detriment to his ability to pay attention and contribute to class discussions. The Collingwood Collegiate Principal did respond but said she was unable to further discuss my inquiries and was going to pass along my concerns to the Supervisor. I have not at this point heard anything else back. 

I am not being dramatic or an alarmist when I say, that the words I heard on December 3rd, 2020 from our Chief Medical Officer were similar to another time in our human history previous WWII where citizens of another country were asked to carry their documentation on their person in order to receive service. I am dumbfounded, disturbed and after hearing this with little debate on our news channels with those that specialize in ethics, constitutional law and medicine I am very concerned.  

I am in no doubt that we are advanced enough to create a successful vaccine in a shorter time then the over 15 years it took to develop the Polio vaccine but it should be an absolute choice especially given the amount of asymptomatic numbers, the new information we are learning about asymptomatic spread and those that do not succumb to infection. 

My concern is that with the accelerated roll out we are not leaving Canadians who may be in desperation, pain, fear and monetary demise, the necessary time for healthy reflection on what their choices are in respects to consistently new scientific information about COVID, and that there may be legislation passed during the holiday time period in regards to Canadian vaccine passports. I do hope that it is this municipality's forethought to bring these concerns to parliament. 

Thank you for your time and I do look forward to hearing back from your office. I will be continuing my exploration as to how I can ensure my constitutional rights as a citizen of Canada. 

With respect,

Michelle Hamer

Michelle Rosetta Hamer

#LSN_Health #LSN_Opinion 

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